What’s Wrong With The Shoes?? 5 Designer Shoes I Regret Buying! (ft Valentino, Hermes)

Hello ladies!

This video features 5 designer shoes I regretted purchasing. For the high price tag, I sure did expect that the shoes would be comfortable. However, they are not and I hope you find this video useful in case you are considering purchasing any of the shoes/ sandals featured.

1. Valentino Rockstud flats/ballerina
2. Rupert Sanderson Classic Bedfa
3. Hermes Oran Sandals
4. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi & Lublin

If there are any other info you would like to know about any of the shoes, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them.

Happy watching! XoXo


Jennifer Rogerson says:

The last two pairs of shoes look like hell. They look like you wear them all the time and don’t take care of them. Which makes since because you took the flats out in the rain. Now sure I would take your advice into count when purchasing these shoes.

Rawan xy says:

no one should wear flats on a rainy day!

Martin Mee says:

if i was u id bin the flats and just wear high heel u dont wear all the time

Karen Harris says:

You need to wear insoles with your high heels Insoles your foot would hit on the insults. The other thing is that I suspect that’s wrong with your shoes is that your size you’re picking it’s probably not the right size. You probably need to size up. You should never wear sandals in the rain.

Nick Rider says:

don’t know how I got here, or why I watched the whole thing, but as a video – my only comment is that it would have been more effective if she tried them on and THEN did the critique. Just sayin…

Mali Elle says:

Very helpful reviews

Mary S says:

I’m sorry to hear the pair of Hangisi didn’t work for you. I found them quite comfortable for how high they are and wore them on my wedding day for over 5 hours.

Diana Rutecki says:

I would take them back and explain what is happening and they might be able to help you

Carolyn Rea says:

I would never take a700 pair of sandals out knowing it was raining. A) bad for the leather B) soles are leather and slippery. I know you know this. Doesnt everyone? They sell sole protectors that add grip at your local shoe repair or Amazon.

bigeyesxx says:

As what Christian Louboutin said. not in verbatim. is that designers don’t want to hear you say “your shoes look comfortable”. They want to hear “your shoes are beautiful”.

Mali Elle says:


Sunny H says:

I think the issue you had with the Hermes Oran sandals can be easily resolved with a rubber sole at the bottom, but hmm.

Lucy Youareshit says:

My 4 favorite shoes brand ahh

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