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This is a review on Wedges Fashion Style Guidance.

Hey Guys,

Welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. And, we’ll talk about different styles out there in the market place and, they’ve been out for awhile, they’re great, they’re in, they’re hot is, a lot of wedges, wedges sandals for Spring and Summer. We have wedge boots for Fall and Winter. Great little classic styles here. I think they’re very feminine to elongate the back of the leg and, the side of the leg. This really interesting low wedges. We have wedge boots. There’s tons of wedges out in the market place; they’re more supportive, they’re more stable and, they have this interesting look, instead of the cut-out, shelled-out pump. They don’t get destroyed that easy. They give more of a substantial feeling on the foot. Let’s bring Rachel out here, one of my favorite shoes out here in the store and, one of our favorite lines, Coclico, it’s a French line. With this beautiful, beautiful really simple, understated but, very cool, cool little shoe. Is it a boot or, a shoe? Great little wedge on the side and, all wood. Turn all the way around; actually, and, the back I like this, elongates the leg and really is a feminine, sexy looking thing without, being over the top and, too crazy and, scrappy high heel. I think they’re classy beautiful looks and, the wedge is super hot, super in right now, all the way down to fun Summer sandals. This is a great shoe you can wear with slacks, you can wear with skirts, you can wear with dresses. Same here, a wedge is a great must have in your closet depends, on which style you think is best for you. Dressier black, a little Summer sandal, a low little booty. Lots a wedges out there in the market place, a must have!

Remember if your going to kick ass, you might need some kick ass wedges here in City Soles. Enjoy…Thanks!

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Anyway, remember, always wear cool shoes…Thanks!

This was a review on Wedges Fashion Style Guidance.


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