Upcycle: Vanessa’s reviews her Nike Free, Banana Republic boots, floral wedges and ballet flats

Vanessa is back from vacation, giving an update on her shoes.


Ronnie Rubino says:

How old is she

Bruno Blood says:

Goddess Vanessa.

Chris Austwam says:

Sold yet?

Ike Fork says:

Wow….Vanessa is dreamy!  One in a million!  Where did they find her?

Christos Papavasileiou says:

She is beautifull and looks like a lady,but she’s a foot teasing slut

dave says:

vanessa is a GODDESS!!!

sockless2012 says:

omg her barefoot coming out of boots and nikes is so cute

砂锅米线 says:

whats ur email address?

hurtsmesogood says:

I would lick them clean for you..would you like to walk all over me in your flats

william videos says:

I what the white flats to buy ok do they smell good

Tank2527 says:

You have kissable toes.

Cristiano Canfarini says:

Le Nike sono ancora disponibili?

FJ 95 says:

What size is her nikes?

hurtsmesogood says:

you could walk over my face and then try to read what your soles left on it

az99946 says:

Venessa the joy of the house!

Ronnie Rubino says:

Vanessa spells PERFECT

imcrazyal1 says:


Kenneth Patton says:

What size are the foral wedges and how much are they!

Roger Moore says:

She has really nice toes


such a goddess!

Kuroko Tetsuya says:

Feet goddess is back!

Taylor Smells Feet says:

I was expecting Vanessa’s return anxiously!

Totonino Papocchia says:

TIO in Finn casa peperoni

George B says:


wes newell says:

Id love to meet her. How much for the flats?

nashua112 says:

How can i have a personal video from her and her Banana Republic Boots?

dj haze says:

The insides of her red flats are sexy wish i could see them in person

lamar ponder says:

Interested in red flats

Jeffery Largent says:

Are her nike shoes for sale?

william videos says:

And the red ones too

KnightBookerDewitt612 says:

She needs her own shoeplay video, her and Carolina bare feet in flats no socks. I’d pay for that.

Max Welter says:

May I please help you take your shoes off ( Freak….? ME? Absolutely! ) ?

edward Man says:

Such beautiful feet<3

beni says:

which size are the boots?

william videos says:

I will buy the red flats

Salad says:

This suppose to be a foot fetish thing? But no one shows their feet ?

schitlipz says:

Is that Nat’s sister? There’s something similar there.

Oxo Molor says:

Sweaty smelly feet to lick

Joseph DePaola says:

Vanessa i want to buy you new white keds and book a shoot with you please!

Glory Feet says:

How can we buy them?

Sperry Topsider says:

Finally back

Frederic Villaume says:

J’ADORE, merci pour cette vidéo.
Bonne continuation

Ducie Deval says:

What model would say had the biggest feet

John V. says:

love wedges floral shoes and red and whites flats so sexy and gorgeous i like so much

william videos says:

I what to small

MrGretzky9966 says:

I see she cut her hair since her other videos. Looks good. Glad she is back.

Fred Anderson says:

Where can I see more of these ladies and potentially buy their footwear? You got me hooked, all you gotta do is reel me in.

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