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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy my Tory Burch shoe collection! I have been an avid Tory Burch shoe collector for years now – I just find her shoes to be so versatile, classic and perfect for travel, casual or work.

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Featured Tory Burch shoe styles:
– Reva Ballerina Flat
– Melinda Ballet Flat
– Kendrick Loafer
– Miller Flip Flop
– Thora Flip Flop

What I am wearing in this video:
Top: Rails
Lip color: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, 501
Nails: Deborah Lippmann, Glamorous Life

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Lily James says:

Awesome video! I have been hoping to purchase a pair of the Tory burch riding boots.

Blenda says:

What do you do to buy all of these excpensive shoes what do you do for living?

Ronell Beavers says:

My God, Your Eyes Are Like Two Glemming Lakes In The Night Of The Island Of The Ole’ Cape Cod, Will You Marrie Me!!! (Smiles)

Nessa hernandez says:

The Caroline flats are amazing!!

Iuvshoes777 says:

I started my own Tory Burch collection as I love how elegant and comfortable their flats and sandals are, I have 2 revas, 1 caroline flats, 1 kaitlin flats,1 thora sandals but in beige and 2 minnie travel flats, these last ones by far my favorites they look like the revas but they are super comfy as the elastic in the back is not too tigh as revas have. Hope you can get a pair of TB minnie travel flats. Thanks to share your beautiful collection  with us !

Lily A says:

Omg. I am so happy you did this video. I bought my first pair of Rivas over the summer and I am in love. I wear them almost every day. One don’t have the elastic back and love them. I definitely need another pair.

lamissnovember says:

I’m about to get either the silver or tan ones for my birthday, personally I think the black ones you showed at the very beginning suit you the best :))

Jogo Padlan says:

you don’t have the suede revas which i think could easily pick up dirt and dust

MochaJen5 says:

Gorgeous collection!

kyle darcy says:

Missglamourgirl please can I buy your old well worn Tory’s $100 per pair plzzzzzzzz

Alexa Elizabeth says:

Tory Burch are oh so painful. The Reva is the worse. The Thora sandals are downright dangerous. They have really damaged my feet to where I have to see a doctor. Pretty shoes and affordable, but not worth the pain.

J. Green says:

Awesome collection. I just got my first pair of Black w/gold TB logo Revas (the classic elastic ones) loving them to pieces.

Carla Carballo says:

Love the new pair

tooprettywoman says:

Love love love your collection

TWCSteven says:

Why are women a fan of black coloured flats? I just want to know..

Brian Davies says:

Great collection, we have MANY of the same pairs. 🙂

CaramelDiva7 says:

I love your collection. Superb. For your older ones, Nordstrom will send them away for repairs. They did it for me, and my “babies” came back as new. Any how, this designer shoes are comfortable to wear long time especially if one is on his/her feet awhile. Thanks for sharing.

Patracleo vangence says:

I owned  many of Tory Burch shoes, sandals. I have the new Reva flats with the gold medallion, five Thoras, black, tan, red, orange, and gold, I have Tory Burch Caroline pink flat, Miller in black, gold, white. I have some wedges… my collection costs me a fortune, these shoes and sandals cost  a lot of money, I don’t mind, I love Tory shoes, I love your collection, if you tired of your shoes, you can sell them to me on Ebay, I’m a size 9.5

Julissa Monge says:

Love your collection videos, keep them coming!

MoreMandyJ says:

Great collection can u do a room tour x

ana garcia says:

I love your collection!

theannouncerbiy says:

I’d love to be spanked by any of those thong sandals

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