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Hey everyone! These are my current favorite shoes that look cute, professional and I can stand alllll day in without problems, blisters, or aches and pains. Hope you enjoy! What are your favorite shoes for comfort on long days? Let me know! You know I am always down to shop for more shoes.


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Vince Camuto Bootie:
Rag & Bone Bootie:

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Dimitri Borozny says:

Get off Snapcrap before some moron sends malware and spyware and ransomware your way.

jasmine 888 says:

Repetto shoes are comfortable too

Julious Bass says:

pretty women

Ethan Reviews says:

I have the TB wedges and they were worn like that too but I went on amazon and got leather dye and touched them up and now they look brand NEW!!!! 🙂

jubee30 says:

Love this video!! Just wondering if the tieks and leopard loafers would fit a pretty wide foot?!?! Especially since I would need to order online

Micha Dawn says:

Love those leather wedges!!!!

too cool for middle school says:

I loved this video! I’m so glad I found your channel, how have I not been watching you already!?

megs3180 says:

I think I found my new favorite channel. A fellow teacher who is beauty/fashion/lifestyle vlogger. Can’t wait to watch all your videos over President’s Day weekend.

slurpeeeeeeee says:

Ok woman, I have been loving your videos so much that I’m almost considering starting my own channel.. and then you go bust out the exact rag & bone booties I bought at the Nordstrom sale two years ago and I’m just like AHH yes!! Love your stuff girl keep it up!!

Emir says:

OMG miz HOTTIE …..

Becca Lee says:

I can’t wear the Rag&Bones to work in a suit 🙁

Micha Dawn says:

I just stumbled on your videos and you are such a beautiful woman!!! Really really stunning!!!

Patricia Esqueda says:

Fan of Tieks. Not of fan of Tory shoes

I Luv Murphy says:

BEWARE! My starstruck Tieks have a hole in the leather after only 5 months of minimal use and they don’t seem to want to replace them for me! I’m devastated!

paulpanzer80 says:

do u have well worn shoes for buy?

Martin Mee says:

the heels look high have u wear higher heels befor

Lynn Donlon says:

Best flats, hands down are Rothy’s. I sold my Tieks to buy more Rothy’s!! Check them out and get $20 off your first pair!!

Women Boots Review says:

comfortable work shoes for women

CurvyGirl07 says:

thank you

Alicia Verdile says:

Rothy’s are worth the investment for their versatility, wear them anywhere! Here’s my $20 code for anyone shopping:

Shelby Neff says:

300 dollars for flats!? are you kidding

javajunkie1 says:

Helpful advice…Do you recommend Tieks for wide feet?

becky g says:

I like the Clarks you said were ugly more than any of your other choices.

M W says:

I was hoping when I saw the video title that you were talking about Tieks! I have 5 pairs and they are the best! Can’t recommend them enough!

Reimar Berge says:

I was expecting ultraboosts and nmds

From Chronic To Cure says:

Not crazy about the blue bottoms of the flats… I realize it’s mostly a marketing technique (like Christian Louboutin shoes: with the red bottoms) so the brand is noticeable.

Krystal Thigpen says:

I am with you girl, mix the fashion with the comfort. Yes, sitting is a luxury as a teacher and bathroom breaks are too but sometimes I don’t even remember to go, TMI, life of a second grade teacher. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Hoffman says:

Pay top dollars for
6/1/2 year old Wedges Girl
Open to me buying them?

Michael Hoffman says:

Love to smell leather after
12 hours work day Girl lol

kyle darcy says:

Hi Katie love your Tory Burch wedges how Old Are they?and do you still wear them?
They are gorgeous shoes and look
So comfy with the padded insole

Becca Lee says:

For those of you wondering WTH brand are the “booties” MizKatie is talking about (and care not to wait out the remainder of the video to see whether or not she tells us WTH brand they are), they are Vince Camuto Prasata booties and they’re currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack online for $69. Just so yah know. 😉

Tammy T.B. says:

Were the pink tieks you held up the Pop Pink or Fushcia? Thank you.

fordman3333 says:


kiwi kawaii says:

Soooooo where’s the cute shoes?

Jenny Antinucci says:

Hi Katie! I love your videos and especially this one. I love style but not when it makes you miserable! I’m excited to pick up a few of these ❤️

Caroline M says:

I’m so glad you did this video! It’s so hard finding good work shoes that are cute! Please do more work clothing related videos! 🙂

Linda W says:

Thank you

D says:

You’re concerned about cute shoes every single pair you showed your ugly as hell

Michael Hoffman says:

Love to smell feet shoes girl

Lizzy Liz says:

Ok now go wash your hands! Jk great video I’m on my feet all day too and I’m always on the look out for comfortable shoe, the good ones I wear to death. Great video and very informative!!

Calendar Chic says:

Save $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s!!! Enjoy!!!

Joy Wind says:

Great video! I too am a teacher and am on my feet for hours at a time so this video was spot on! Thanks for your mini-reviews. I love the Tori Butch Minnie flats.

Smelly Feet says:

I’d love to smell your feet after a long day in those flats.

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