Stella McCartney Platform Shoes Review

This video is a review of the Stella McCartney Elyse platform shoes. I haven’t seen too many videos strictly reviewing them so I made one to help anyone considering a pair. In this video I tell you how is the sizing of Stella McCartney shoes. Do Stella McCartney shoes run big or small? How comfortable are Stella McCartney platforms. I also share the best places to buy Stella McCartney shoes and are the platform comfortable or not.




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Net A Porter:
Barneys (some on sale):
Nordstrom: (some on sale):
Rue La La (one on sale):
SSense: (some on sale):


SELFRIDGES: – Where I Bought Mine
Harvey Nichols:


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Yue Gao says:

Best review I’ve ever watched! I’m a US 7 and got 37.5 in those…too large and I can’t change the size cause bought them online and they only offer return services which I absolutely don’t want to. Wish I watch your video before I bought them. Do you have any good ideas to make them fit? How about Insole? Do you think it will work?

Femke says:

Love this video! Really helpful!

Teasha Stewart says:

Right now they have the rose gold ones on sale at Barneys for $439, size 10 only!

Mandyshazluc says:

Yeah Karen is on Youtube!!! I don’t follow any fashion bloggers on the Tube as too generic. Please keep posting from a fellow Brit.

Quicha Jones says:

hi Karen! I just ordered a pair of the silver Brits from Gilt. AMAZING sale price – $379.99+$75 off! These will be my first pair, but I think I jumped the gun. The coupon expired within 1/2 hour of me seeing them so I was on a time crunch to order. I ordered the 40, which now I’ve learned will likely be too big. 🙁 I wear a US 9 and have wide feet. Sadly they are final sale, so I’m crossing my fingers that they will fit, or on eBay they go! wish I’d seen your Vlog earlier! I’m now subscribed!

Carolyn Rea says:

Color me wrong – you =have to convert the Euro at Selfridge to American 630 becomes $845 which is still a savings compared to almost 1K. I was super excited there for a minute- back to reality :). LOVE love love your vids tho – been channeling your vibe.

A Scented Soul says:

And like you, I’ve been wanting a pair for a year or more…. but I honk this is my year to take the plunge. They’re both gorgeous.

Lost Soul says:

I am so debating on purchasing a pair of these beauties. I’m a little late on the trend but I like them a lot. Also, outside of online vloggers I have never seen anyone wearing them.

Rashidas Mama says:

luv your style! these shoes remind me of my high school days! I’d still rock-em!

SuperRoxy70 says:

Love your videos!!

L Jeffers says:

Something you usually don’t see, Thank You !!!! Great video, great info 🙂

Sole 2 Soul says:

It is nice to see you doing videos. Your style is amazing. I also wanted to tell you that the Red White and Blue in New Jersey has moved to a larger location just blocks away. Also, I have a knock off version of these as well that I purchased online and I can’t wait to wear them!!

Olokunful says:

I am stepping out for the first time today. How am I going to keep the sole white?! But I love them!

ThisisHui Xu says:

Thank you soooo much for the review!! I’ve always wanted one and I just ordered mine from SSense, but later on I noticed these shoes are even cheaper on Mytheresa website. What should I do…

BECCA mybeautymimi says:

I have these in silver too! They sort of hurt me right up in the ankles, and especially the tongue. Do they do that for you at all?

Mya Houston says:

Boohoo $16 RIGHT NOW for Labor Day weekend! So hurry! I got the black and rose gold 🙂

NiorBlanc says:

OMGGGGGAAAAA jessicabuurman is amazing

missyt5883 says:

omg! you are my SHERO! That Selfridge tag just made my life! The black and grey are on sale right now for $315.00

munequa81 says:

Love the video, I’m getting a pair this week and I appreciate your review! I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging after a few years and you’ve been an inspiration!

Die Nacht says:

Thank you soo much for this video! So informative, I appreciate it.

Del Thomas says:

Karen, enjoy your vlogs so much. Go to they’re on there for £580. Enjoy your hols!

A Scented Soul says:

Great video!!!

BunnyXO says:

Thank you so much for the tips! I had to subscribe – you’re wonderful!

Asima says:

Your reviews are very useful! You gave me inspirations and useful tips on my wardrobe. Keep posting ❤️

Melissa L says:

Such a thorough, thoughtful and helpful review. Your personality is so vibrant and kind too. More reviews please!! xx

Hannah Besharati says:

i freaking love your hair!! and your videos of course 🙂

BunnyXO says:

Thank you so much for the tips! I had to subscribe – you’re wonderful!

Juana Gutierrez says:

Yo quiero unos soy de mexico

Trendsettersince83 says:

OMG I’ve been wanting these for awhile. I’m a size 10 as well and looooove platforms!


What do you think of farfetch?

Gayouchou says:

Loved the review on these Karen! I own a pair and I love them to bits…amazing video!

Marion Jenkins says:

Hi Karen! Thank you for making this video! I tried your advice about buying from a UK website (Selfridges) but the price automatically changed to US Dollars and went back up to around $900. Is there an additional step I have to do to purchase them at the UK price?

Narissa says:

love love love this video – nothing like this on youtube & I truly appreciate it! 🙂

scheval146 says:

Thanks so much for your review and guide to where to buy. I love them…been stalking the Selfridges website for ages and couldn’t decide.

BTW, your videos are terrific don’t worry about waffling on….you’re great!

Jufadinha says:

Karenbritchick do you still wear them?

Rookie99 Ninetynine says:

Hi Karen, thanks so much for sharing your very informative video. I am currently deciding between the exact same two colours that you have, but unfortunately i can only afford to have one (for now haha). In terms of ease of wearability and matching, which colour do you feel yourself gravitating to wear most often? Thanks so much, really appreciate your advice! x

Tiffany Moore says:

I’ve just recently discovered your chancel and LOVE it! Literally every single video you have posted is something I’ve wanted to know myself. Such a lovely youtube personality you have =) Much love from an LA girl living in Spain!

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