Bart Kwan:

Barbell Brigade
646 Gibbons St
Los Angeles, CA 90031



JoshKing says:

Yo Bart. What shoes you wearing?

Kieran Lachman says:

Random m&m’s are always after me & wrestling shoes are great for squatting; they’re flat and give you ankle support.

JO3BOBA says:

does anyone know the first song that he was playing?

Jason Brien says:

Wide grip lat pull down lol

Gus TennisCourt says:

What knee sleeves do you use

Jakeyboy says:

What shoes is he wearing?

David Ung says:

what is a quarter plate? is it a 25 lb plate? 20 kg? 25 kg?

Jansen Baja says:

I squat with one heel and one flat for muscle confusion

omegadelta phoenix says:

Lmao Kai Greene flex quads. Quadriceps extend except one of them, hamstrings flex and adduct

eddy ngaue says:

Yea I rock the Classic Vans in the gym. My addidas oly shoes been sitting untouched for 4 months. Also, it shows in your face you’re at caloric deficit. Good job. Keep it up.

Manoosisss says:

Damn new shoes

Bryce Lugviel says:

anyone know what shoes he was wearing?

Jorgen Wu says:

Slay Bart! Best of luck with the USAPL shit, although you prob won’t need it lol.

Ollie Southwood says:

Anybody know the white Reebok’s Bart is wearing?

Jyrus Santiago says:

1:51 ”cardio is for losers” I’m crying.

Anonymous says:

Anybody know what trainers he’s wearing ?

Tariq Ahmad says:

Furious Pete!!!

daniel cusicanqui says:

the first instrumental sounds so familiar, what song is it?

gallagher0919 says:

I think you need good mobility to squat in heels. My mobility has gone to shit and now I squat in vans haha.

Ng Jian Ling says:


Killa Namikaze says:

1:53 My life Sentiment

Roland Broc says:

U guys should do video with strength cartel

Richie_rich says:

at the end Bart’s mouse get wet when he talks about ice cream

Most Dedicated says:

What’s the original song from the instrumental?

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