Sneaker Wedges for Guys?!

I finally found a pair!


sharon price says:

Thanks so much!!! I love them

MrSharifayoung says:

Those are nice I just got hip to sneaker wedges I’m gonna have a full collection by next year

Dwain Heinecke says:

Where do you get your wedges from

Max Brown says:

iam a 6’2 guy and i have a mini wedge and elevator shoes collection lol after i got use to my new height of 6’5-6’7 depending on what shoe iam wearing, i did not want to go back hahha

mikethefab12 says:

Could you make a video of you wearing high heels or wedges? Please! I’d love that

MrsEmz133 says:

I love them! >.<

mikethefab12 says:

Could you wear high heels?

Toes-R-Us says:

show us your 6 inch heels, I would love to see you in them!

Relevencia Grande says:

I want 1 thi I’d be too embarrassed to wear it

TinfoilHatGirl says:

LOL! So cute and funny that you like sneaker wedges! So do I and I think I am an expert on what designs are out there 😀 I think your pick is a bit too “femalish” but yes, I understand that you dont have so much choice because of the size. But I wanted to mention a few brands that I consider have a kind of more “malish” sneaker wedge design that is available in at least US women’s 11, some even bigger. Check out: Vans Sk8-Hi Wedge/ Adidas Profi Heel and Amberlight/ Nike Dunk Sky Hi

GoColts says:

You are a gay bro super gay

Thomas Kar says:

Sraith wedges for real man.

ITonyfy says:

I LOVE a pair of sneaker wedges! 🙂 I need to buy more lol.

Jasmina T. says:

1. I think guys should wear Sneaker Wedges, too.
2. I love your pants!!!! Where did you buy it???????

Michael Apicella says:


Day Dev says:

your GAY

Jerome Slaten says:

me too (girl)

anadelle phillips says:

your gay? ive never actually known

cikan0 says:

you arent a guy ur a transgender stfu 

Chrissy Peters says:

That shoe is really nice

Mario Sala says:

Nice wedge sneakers, I like them.

Velenro Levazco says:

Whered You Freken’ Bought that?????

Tim Middelkoop says:

I like them to

Barbie Richards says:

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