Shoe Haul: Flats, Heels, Wedges

Here is a close up look at all the shoes that have been featured on my blog page as well as some new ones too ! 🙂 Enjoy !

Earrings I’m Wearing From :

Websites for these shoes :

Shoe Dazzle:

♥❤• * Mark Cosmetics * • ❤♥

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Business Inquires :

FTC: All products shown were purchased by my with my own money. The shoes from Shoedazzle and Gojane were gifted for possible review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Kayleigh Noelle says:

@myprincessalexa61 Thank you ! 🙂

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@93peaches93 Haha that question made me laugh XD I always just ask him when I’m ready and he is so sweet to do it for me 🙂 He is actually really good at it ! He supports me with everything I want to do !

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@mhm0304 Thank you ! 🙂

JSJ032 says:

@ForeverYours0727 Too bad you missed them. I think they have a wait list for them, there should be a link at the top of the item page under the name of the item. Or the blog Jewelsandmints has links to all of the wait lists. Happy hunting! You always wear such pretty and well coordinated jewelry.

JessiNdLexi says:

How tall are you?

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@munozjessica90744 I have a whole post about it on my blog 🙂

jazmin vansanten says:

Y love your shoes and I would love to see a set up vid

shoesgal01 says:

you should do a What I Love About You Tag video

Shealah Toba says:

You’re very pretty!

CaliSun4Jenn says:

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I love your fashion on your blog. I decided to order some clothes from after watching your first video where you showed them, and everything was really nice.

jamieecam says:

i love your lip color! what is it?

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@pinkbttrcp Thats a good idea thanks 🙂

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@butterfly1xx Haha me too ! But everyone has to grow up eventually 🙂

sysco997 says:

I love your style! It’s soooooooooo pretty and stylish but definitely wearable 🙂

Nura A. says:

The Filippa Shoes in Tan.. you can style them with a pair of floral shorts and a cute white or yellow top! 🙂

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@MsFollmer Agreed.

Elena Poiata says:

What camera do you use for your video?

vitka101 says:

White shirt with long sleeves*

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@nicedei aw hehe 🙂

FeistyChik25 says:

I really wanna see your SETUP!!! Im thinking about starting to video log but not sure how to start it would really help 😀

vitka101 says:

I love that beautiful shirt you had on in the picture, where did you get it? :O

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@mhm0304 That sounds pretty to me too 🙂 Thanks !

Kilgore Trout says:

The nude and black patent two tone is fab

shugarplum08 says:

did you get engaged??

Megan Moroney says:

No problem. Oh and I have to tell you, your videos literally changed me completely. I didn’t even know about some of the products until I started watching your videos and you have helped me tremendously! Your my idol really you are and you inspire me and are like my hero haha. So keep on making videos because your goregous and have great style and talent(:

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@JuicyCosmetic Yep I remember ! 🙂 Everyone grows up hehe

Leesha B says:

@ForeverYours0727 Awwh that’s cute, I’m glad it made you laugh LOL

Agirl85Ab says:

OMG you are so pretty 🙂

Serena K says:

R u like a model?? Cuz ur rlly pretty!!!!!
And the clothes u style are amazing!!!!!

Tinkerbexx says:

those wedges with a floral playsuit or a nautical outfit 😀 x

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@randirsbaby Thanks for reading my blog !! xoxo

Emily Wolfe says:

yesssss set up video!!!!!!!

Emmy Vafiadis says:

how old are youu???

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@taylorpyattlover lol ! yeah i have contemplated getting invisalign because I have a few gaps. It’s not worth the money to fix lol XD Its really not that bad and I’ve gotten used to it now ! Just wish I wore my retainer after having braces for 6 yrs 🙁

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@JSJ032 They are sold out already before I could get them *tear* 🙁

Carissa Vasile says:

But how comfortable are they?

Leesha B says:

Do you force Matt to take the pictures or does he volunteer or like it?

Sweet Cupcake says:

I’m loving your latest style videos! Can’t wait to see you feature flats and hopefully gladiators/flat sandals too bc I can’t really pull off heels right now lol any way i love ur style, you inspire me 😉

leticia calles says:

I think you had said something about elf products on one of your videos, bought some today 🙂

Stuart Foley says:

Kay Leigh Noelle would u kick any one in the balls what shoes would u wear and would u like it or boots

Alexis Anderson says:

I would love to see a set up vid

Elizabeth Garcia says:

set up 😀

Joanna Schuerman says:

Happy Anniversary!
What lipstick/gloss are you wearing? So pretty!!

The Planner Addict Chronicles says:

OMG I Sell MARK As Well!!! How Do You Like IT?

shoesgal01 says:

yes do a set up video. 🙂

MrsLavender22 says:

I love your makeup in this video……

Brent Morton says:

You are vrey attractive and beautiful

Kayleigh Noelle says:

@CullenLuvaForeva Thank you !

Megan Moroney says:

No, thank you:D and for your next video since you already have curls you should do a taylor swift hair and makeup tutorial. The music video im only me when im with you has really nice makeup on her. And if you can find a waterproof eyeliner and mascara that doesn’t clump and looks good after maybe swimming or rain you will truly be my hero haha

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