How to Wear Wedge Sneakers: #THIS. w/ Elizabeth Holmes

Tired of your typical casual look? Take your weekend outfit to a new height with the super trendy wedge sneakers. A new favorite among celebrities, these sneakers add a little extra kick to any casual outfit! Watch as Wall Street Journal Reporter, Elizabeth Holmes, ventures to Bloomingdale’s to learn exactly how to pull off this comfortably chic accessory!

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TaMekka LaChonne says:

I love the wedge sneakers

Nessa is awesome I love gummy bears says:

I just want to be tall but people not think I’m wearing heels or trying to be tall when I really do help me I need these in kid size

Shemi Adams says:

these are sooooo cute!!

Lil Shiba-su says:


mae mae says:


Cordel Bowers says:

I don’t even care if I am a dude! I need a pair of these. :3 My feet were built for heels! x)

Sarah Peters says:

I feel like these shoes kinda only look good on skinny people.

Tulip Lilo says:

i have wedge sneakers nike its so coooooooooooooool

Meghan Elizabeth says:

I want the wedge Nikes!!!!

krisjima says:

I have the black and white wedge nikes and I can’t wait to wear them

kramden says:

I want the nikes also

VictoriaVanityVault says:

@EHolmes I just sent the pics.

Maddie Kadra says:

My friend got wedge sneakers that had studs that could puncture someone

A person says:

which store is this?

Lil Shiba-su says:

i got all black wedge sneakers

forevermissbeautyxo says:

Ah! They’re so adorb, I’m definitely buying a pair!!! <3

Bunnylover5678 says:

🙂 I have the black and white ones

Bianca Lizet says:

I just bought a pair at target yesterday and I had no clue how to wear them until now. Thanks so much for this video 🙂

Amari says:

well….yeah, i guess if guys like to wear heels. 😛

TaMekka LaChonne says:

i want to buy some where you get them from

Bewitched says:

ppl are gona laugh at this in the future i just know it.

Lisa13245 says:

I like the second set!

Kaitlin Lacey says:

did they make noise when you walked, like those clicking noises or anything

kim seonhye says:

What the store name?

Anamaria Estrada says:

i just got a pair and you gave me the perfect outfits 🙂

princesss says:

I LOVE sneaker wedges sooo cute

Kahiyla Minor says:

I have wedge pumas

Reem Omer says:

I’m getting a pair for winter and fall

Erica C says:

Do you think guys can rock these?

Roisin O' Connor says:

What age should you be to be able to wear those I’m 11 am I to young ?

Regent Street London W1 says:

Fantastic looking shoes!

If you are looking to add to your wardrobe for the summer then visit the flagship fashion stores of Regent Street.

Elizabeth Holmes says:

Tweet me a pic of your Nikes! I’m @EHolmesWSJ

Dolly Mat says:

I have Nike air revolution sky hi in black and white. They are super comfortable and I always get compliments when I wear them. They definitely do make your feet look tiny.

thedancinglemon says:


Lindsay pink says:

i got it last week

Ta J says:

i just got pair from Zara OMG I’m so excited I wanna wear theseee

Sherea Borum says:

love sneaker wedges ,I own three pair (nikes and two pair of Reebok) and want more. the ones I own are very comfortable and give my outfits that ill something extra while making me feel sexy at the same time. I do find that wearing them for long periods of time can cause a lil discomfort but I’m going to purchases gel inserts to fix that issue.

VictoriaVanityVault says:

I just bought the nike pair and I LOVE them!!! So comfortable that I have to get at least two more pairs in different colors.

shadowsa2b says:

despite some of them having a bit of a more masculine style like the nikes, ill bet you they dont come in mens sizes or equivalent. and yes there are some guys out there, even straight guys, that like/want to wear a higher heel without it being cowboy boots.

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