How To Walk in Wedges and Gravity Shoes

Lizzy gives us some quick tips on how to walk in wedges, after this, walking in wedges will be as easy breezy as 1,2,3. She also shows us how to walk in this trending style right now, the gravity heels. Hope you will learn a lot from this video!

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YoungFavorite says:

i really want gold cuffs (by themself, without a shoe) but cant find them anywhere (or if i do, they are super expensive) 🙁

Hez eLGee says:

It is nothing short of stupid to walk in such an unnatural way – each foot directly in line and in front of the other! Walking this way makes it hard to balance even with bare feet. To do this wearing extreme heels is madness. Worse still is the current dangerous fad for actually crossing the feet over with each ungainly step.

Whether barefoot or wearing any heel height, each leg should swing from the hip in its own forward direction, leaving no risk of tripping over the other one, or even brushing against it (which ruins the shoes).

Most models should book for deportment lessons – don’t look to them as an example! Unless you want to swagger from side to side, loping along like a demented, drunken camel.

Robert&Jessica says:

You know what? This young woman is doing a great job and she seems really happy about it.
Maybe instead of saying awful things about each other we should you know stick together and congratulate one another on our excellent female achievements.

Sanchara says:

Annother thing that’s really important with all heeled shooes is to watch your posture. Make sure when you are practicing walking in different shoes that you practice in front of a mirror so you can be sure that your ears, shoulders, hips and feet are all in a straight line with a neutral spine and tight abs. Plus good posture just looks more elegant.

JessiLove says:

so fab!

Tamie Pryor says:

O my gawwwwwd! Gag me with a spoon! That was painful to listen to.
Here’s a couple of useful tips: 1. If your toe sticks out over the shoe, the shoe does not fit. For those who have a hard time understanding normal speak — that means the shoe is TOO SMALL. 2. When you are too thin, your feet, hands, and head look ENORMOUS, wearing gigantic shoes, especially ones that are too small, makes you look even more freakish.

Zubair Baraskar says:

I love the models top

Yella Yowla says:

“they just feel like an extension of your feet” yeah sure

Yasmin says:

She walks so ridiculously

Shayde Lady says:

ok I seen a guy wearing these Gravity shoes… they were attached to fury pants so he looked like a half horse/man… a centaur?  anyway… WTF why? did I mention his pants had a tail.  He was buying fried chicken.  I guess what I’m trying to say is Why the hell do men have to invade every feminine aspect of our lives?  You don’t see women buying jock straps and making them all bedazzled… or is that also a thing now.  Lawd help us all!  P.S. thank you for the video on heeled Wedge!  I’m 46 and just bought my 1st pair and they are soo adorbs, but was afraid I’d break my neck wearing them. This really helped me! Heel to toe… got it. Bought them to wear for “special” occasions.  Guess I’ll have to practice while making banana bread tomorrow.  LOL!  Thanks again for the tutorial!

M.C.Honey James says:

YASS you tell’em girl, wedges are where it’s at.

Mariko Mcr says:

I need to lose weight for shoes these high I’m pretty sure being thin like her it must not hurt as bad as it would feel like me and my ankles getting crushed

Emina Alihodzic says:

The problem isn’t walking in them is walking on different surfaces like cobblestone or grass.

Gabriela Lopez says:

She sounds like a kid who’s reciting an oral report.

lauren kane says:

walking in 6/7″ heels are easy but gravity heels? what!?

alan pompom says:

I think I’ll be better at Gravity Shoes rather High Heels and Wedges because I’m actually familiar with walking with toes only since I was a baby


I have A pair of light blue and cork wedges there fabulous

Lexie and the anime says:

Wait, she didn’t say ‘made out of pork’? O.O

Elisabeth fluttershy says:

Love her voice! Love wedges

manny c says:

where can i buy the pink wedges ?

Autistic Burrito says:

last shoes is actually really scary ..

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