How To Style: Wedge Sneakers

I’ve been asked how I would style wedge sneakers. So I came up with 8 different looks on how to style an outfit around wedge sneakers. I hope these outfits inspire you to come up with some ideas of your own. Enjoy!

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Ashwini Hosmani says:

I really loved the shoes but unable to find them. Please help me find one.

Meaghan Anne says:

EEE! I love all these looks 🙂 I’m excited to try some of them, I cam up with a few of my own but love yours too! Always nice finding new ideas 🙂

TinfoilHatGirl says:

I had to send back the black one I ordered because it was too wide and got a pair of very decent grey ones, a colour that you can combine to nearly everything. So I was very happy with my grey ones – wore them a lot even through summer! I got a mixed-brown one too. But I am still longing for a classic black one that I now ordered. And I would like to have one with fancy colours with blue in it, for jeans outfits especially. That would be my wish list….:-D

Love Storie says:

Thank you for watching, I really appreciate it! 😉

forevermissbeautyxo says:

Thanks for making this video! I love the outfits <3

Isabella Fuentes says:

What size are those?

sparks fast says:

You gave me a boner in this video 😀


how comfortable is that shoe in a long walk??

Michael Raimo says:

your casual outfit with the t-shirt and jeans makes you look really pretty.

mary tracy soco says:

I wanna buy!

Issa Rose says:

I really liked the first casual look! It fitted you very well. Work it girl! 🙂

Love Storie says:

Thanks for watching! Hope you have lots of fun putting together outfits 😉

Coco Yve says:

Great looks Storie! Side note: your name is so unique!

Lemons19902010 says:

As soon as your face appeared on the screen you reminded me of Jennifer Morrison from “Once Upon a Time”. 🙂

sarah v says:

I bought a pair today ! I love them.

guilebaldo31 says:

I am seriously thinking about getting the light ones after watching you video. Awesome outfit and you don’e even have to wear high heels. Please let me know if they are true to size. Sometimes boots/booties can be tighter that regular shoes. I am usually 6.5 but was thinking of ordering 7. What’s you experience with theses? Thank you….

Lliam Aguilar says:

i like sneakers wedge i want sneakers wedge

Karina Avila says:

Thank you so much! This video was SUPER helpful! Now I know what to pair mine with!

Love Storie says:

Grey ones sound really cool, and it convenient that they match with so many other colors. Have a wonderful day!

Love Storie says:

I think this trend will be around for a little while longer, who knows it may last forever. However in my opinion, I can see a solid year of this trend sticking around!

Love Storie says:

Awesome! It’s really easy now to get great looking wedges for inexpensive prices. Thanks for watching 😉

Love Storie says:

Definitely! I think wedge sneakers can easily be dressed up or down, they are pretty versatile! Thanks for watching!

Username says:

fake isabel marant high tops lol

ultravioletlipstick says:

Nice shoes…I just bought some and the one thing I have hated about wedge sneakers is the thick puffy part in the top on back of the laces…the ones I bought are slimmer looking in my opinion makes the shoe look better

Jeff Ross says:

You have amazing legs to rock all your outfits, my favorite are the white jeans and leather leggings though. Thanks for making the clip. Xo from Canada!

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