HERMES ORAN SANDAL REVIEW….. Would I repurchase??

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** As always, ALL ITEMS were purchased by myself with my OWN money, that I work for. ALL opinions are my own ***

Hermes Oran Sandals

What I am wearing……
Satin bomber from The Weeknd collection for H&M
Tank top from Forever 21
Cuff earring, (was a gift from my sister in law)
Lips, CHANEL rouge ingenue


rose d says:

omg! I am so glad to see a review where someone had the same experience as I have had with the Oran.

Ryuuto and Nina says:

love your honest review. i have been thinking of getting the sandal but maybe not now. i noticed the line after you have mentioned. thank you!

Annette Chiles says:

great review…

two.twop1 says:

Great honest review. Thank you.

shels gyal says:

thanks for this review. I’m not lucky with designer shoes. .my flat feet need comfort. have to stick to bags only lol

Christina Claire says:

Ahh omg haven’t watched a YouTube video in so long! Look at your hair it got so long–looks beautiful! These shoes are goals, it’s a shame they’re not a 10/10 comfort level I’m surprised! Thanks for sharing doll!

cluning09 says:

So cute with the cuffed jeans!

Angel Choy says:

Thank you this was so helpful!!

hauteteacher says:

I just found your channel, and am catching up on your videos. I love how you put so much thought into your purchases. And now you have me obsessed with the twilly scarves. =)

Queen Queeny says:

hi can you help me what (in) cm the size of hermes oran you owned?

Queenesq says:

Thank you for your honesty. I find many YTubers will fawn over luxury purchases merely because of a brand and/or to justify the purchase price. New subscriber – I really like your channel. TFS.

Emma Benfield says:

This was a really useful review. Hope you don’t mind me asking but I was wondering if you’d mind sharing how tall you are? I love your outfits and alway find them to be great style inspiration but being 5ft 1in tall I’m sure if I’m a little too short to carry some the looks off?

Andri says:

Disappointed to hear you didn’t find an in-depth review on these, I uploaded one about a year ago …. I will say everybody’s feet are different and where some find them not very comfortable others like myself find them extremely comfortable … xx

cocacola988 says:

Hi Sara I just purchased these exact Oran sandals but in white and am totally in love with these however they’re just a bit tight on my feet, I have wide feet, do they stretch a little (or a lot) over time with use?

Stephanie Gonzalez says:

My feet are exactly the same!! It is so annoying! My mom, sister and I share shoes and only I end up with blisters. It drives me insane how sensitive my feet are.


Love your honesty, they look great on you!!

Lynette Sese says:

Where did you get the jeans? love it!

Jaun Hermansyah says:

suka banget model ya…

tiffanyld1 says:

Hi Sara! It’s such a bummer these aren’t comfortable, especially for the price! Really glad you made this video! xoxo

Diana Hussain says:

I purchased these sandals in Dubai and I paid over 850 USD for them and every time I used them, I would get blisters everywhere. I would NOT buy them again.

Beauty Sparkles says:

My feet are picky as well, and after having my first child, my foot grew a half an inch and got a little wider not a lot but enough to notice all my current shoes didn’t fit no more. : (
Thank goodness my only expensive shoes years ago were Coach.- ( Remember that brand??) LOL

imy fay says:

hi ist a real to size thks

Melissa Rottier says:

You didn’t talk about the price ?

chewy c says:

thanks for sharing!!

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