Brutal Work Boot Review- No way in Hell would I buy these Boots

The Best and Worst work boots made. Thorogood, Keen, Redwing which boot is the best for working, hunting, hiking and extreme cold weather.
Boots in this video:


banditman0000 says:

I thought my raccoons were the coolest pets ever now i am not sure.

GoodISnipr says:

The fox looks like it could be a mix of german shepherd (head shape), daschund (small long body), and chow (bushy tail).

Seth Cooper says:

Are those steel toe?

clay longest says:

Once I run through these I’m never buying another pair

Thermidor E1 says:

I’d say the material is made in china, but the boot itself is put together here in the US.

Remco van Vliet says:

Jalatte Swedish welders/offshore boots for me all the way.
Comfy like your favorite pair of old slippers, good traction, durable, and saves you from tracking mud through the house because you can easily kick em off at the door (no laces)

Savvis says:

Love logger boots best boots ever

SNOOP U 2 says:

Woo she’s a beautiful dog oh it’s not a dog!

willendler1993 says:

if you wouldn’t have said that was a fox i would think it’s a dog

Drew Allen says:

Been wearing keen boots and sandals with vibram soles for 12 years now and love them. You might have gotten an older pair,all the newer ones are made State side now.

Matthew Oglesby says:

Those are Keen Davenport. Also FYI… not all of their boots are made in the US. Some are made in China. There website has the option to select only American built boot models.

5.7 HEMI Man says:

I work in snow plowing. baffin boots bud have had a par for a long time. I live in Canada boots made here in Canada. the boots has run all hrs of the day -40 nights. the boots I got are winter work boots built rated to go down to -100 water. gone through salt, sand,mud mixed ice and so on for the past 5 years they still keep me toasted.

gaston garre says:

Totally different style of boot but my preference is the Chippewa super logger

vad 3189 says:

So why title the video that way

kendall rouse says:

Click bait. And go figure dirt monkey stroking another company. I feel like if a company sent him a turd he’d find a way to sell it to us. I used to like the videos but I haven’t seen a useful video where something legitimately educational is passed on to the viewer in ages. I know this video is old but seriously they are all the same and im in subscribing. All the videos promise to teach you something and more or less hardly touch on the topic at all. Very disappointing because I feel like I learned a ton from the original videos and he’s just sold his soul to whoever will send him shitty products to review and self promotes to much.

TriforcePlayer2 says:

A fox very nice

Michael Pici says:

I’ve been wearing keen Pittsburgh style and I’ll never switch there awesome

james ludan says:

TROUBLE was never on a leash other than at the vets. she lived 11 1/2 years and is buried at our flag pole with her friend BUSTER the cat

PuBearsticks says:

What’s your summer boot?

Joshua Wiggins says:

Redwing suck and not made in US

Ryan Malinsky says:

I have two pairs of keen boots but I want taller than 6” boots currently I enjoy my Catapiller brand boots 8” tall.

VJButler says:

Ariat Boots ROCK !!!!

Scootin With Coop says:

I knew I liked you for some reason sir. Not only are you a down-to-earth hard-working individual you use the best boots out there. I do construction and my dad has always worn Red Wings. When I got my first pair the first week was miserable but after they broke in they are amazing. I’ve had these boots for 9 years now they’ve been resold twice. As far as work boots go I will never buy any other brand.

SNOOP U 2 says:

How did you tame a fox wow! This is unique glad a cross this video I know it’s about boots but the fox took it over

ryan laroche says:

Did residential tree service for 6 years. I also have a 26 acre farm and I’m always out in the woods. I wear Chippewa American loggers unless im on the town or i know I should be landscaping in good conditions. In that case I wear Merrill, ankle high hiking boots.

Zako says:

5:50 “what… what…. what is that?” Lmaooo

Burnt Taco says:

Hell and back aka step in water

james ludan says:

i have a grey fox , TROUBLE. she lives in the house , leaps in the the bed with us. sleeps with the cats and dogs and an owl. she thinks she’s a subordinate cat. uses a lotter box and she’s our best fox friend. you are the first

Trenton Bemis says:

I would have to say Carolinas I’ve had about 3 pairs comfortable warm and last just as long if not longer than any redwing boots I’ve had. I might give the keen boots a try though.

JDM videos says:


Hunter Prowse says:

I don’t put no boot on my foot unless it’s US made, I have 7 pairs of US made Redwings, 3 pairs of US made Justin’s, and 1 pair of Chippewas, 1 pair of US made wolverines, 1 pair of US made Thorogoods, and a couple pair of US military boots that I’m assuming is made in US lol, just got the Thorogoods, so I don’t know how those will be yet, just started breaking them in, but they initially feel really comfortable already, Redwings seem to be my favorite so far, I have the most pairs of them, but I’m not brand picky, if it’s US made I’ll wear it, I think all US made brands should be on everybody’s feet. Those keens, they looked decent but, since they’re made in China I’ll have to pass on them, I might try the US made keens, but only the welted ones I hate the glue the whole sole straight to the uppers, because all it takes is one hole in it and it’s done you gotta throw it out, welted boots are rebuildable, and plus they offer better support.

Chris Baumgarten says:

I work for Las Vegas Public Works.
They supply our boots.
Redwings are the only boot they’ll pay for.
Comfy and safe.
Nothing else matters on the jobsite.

Moto_Bodman says:

Must being wearing the wrong redwings my feet never get wet in wings

John Keene says:

Was looking at video reviews of electric chain saws for my wife, so she didn’t have to use the 22 inch Stihl, when I saw this video. Absolutely luv your fox. I have been wearing Keen boots every day for the last 2 years and have yet to have a complaint. Waterproof, comfortable from day 1, work very well in the summer heat or winter cold (at least KY cold). Looking at their web site, or in the stores, you will find that some are made in China and some made in America, sometimes it’s hard to find the country of origin though. Ran into the same thing years ago when I bought a pair of Justin boots. Both times I ran into features I liked better in the foreign boot, but always bought American.

1967GALAXIE500 says:

Hello, I’ve been wearing boots for over 40 years all different brands, just the last 2 years I have changed to the KEEN brand. Some of their boots are made in the USA some are not. They have an awesome warranty for a year replacement. KEEN are my favorite!! Great channel! May GOD bless you too!

Thomas Daugherty says:

I run wolverine slip ons and I love them

nylonologist says:

I did a trial run through Amazon Wardrobe (7 Day trail up to 8 items)

1) Caterpillar Manifold (Lacked Comfort, I could feel the Steel Toe, lacked Support and Qaulity)
2) Timberland Pro Titan (Great Comfort, extremely nanrrow even in a wide)

3) Keen Pittsburgh (The Absolute Glass Slipper) AMAZING Comfort, Support, Qaulity and I do not even know I am wearing a Steel Toe Boot) – WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER

Flat6 Hemi says:

For me it is red wings 899 and 3508. The 899 has a deeper more aggressive sole and the 3508 is still semi aggressive but stay very clean and has a sticky compound

Jay Ell says:

These guys don’t work for a living, they make bs youtube videos. “Every guy on my job site.” means every guy on the production team. If you actually worked like you pretend you do, you wouldn’t have time to make these “I’m a working man” commercials. Grow a beard, pretend you’re a working man. Loser…dude.

S Winn says:

didn’t think it was legal to have a fox as a pet, but pretty cool

Jethrow Bowdeen says:

I’ve been wearing steel toe tactical combat boots for 22 years out in the shipyard. Its extremely hot inside the body of ships 100 to 130 degrees no kidding, like an when you open the while its on. I work my ass off in them and they last about 2 1/2 years a par. Great water and flexible plus traction.

Scott DiMiceli says:

I love my Red Wings, and I even wear them on days when I’m just sitting around in the office. I got about 7 years out of my last pair.

good golly goy says:

Redwing 100 % from a Florida tile installer

clay longest says:

Redwings are decent boots. They used to be better idk what they did. When I was in landscape construction digging holes and what not I couldn’t get a pair of 200 dollar boots to last 6 months. Stitching would fail and the bottoms would delamination

Dustpuuppy says:

I may have to try a pair of these. My Redwings have been a little disapointing. Both with thermal and waterproofing.

Rene Granados says:

I just bought a pair of. Baltimore Keen boots and they felt like sneakers boots I ever had and the odor and sweat system that these boots have is amazing.

heostevelady says:

If the boots are that good how come it looks like your reading from a script in your office? If their so good I feel like u would be able to just speak from the heart

Josh Cisco says:

I wear keen work shoes and love them

Danny says:

You smell like a subway sandwich

scoobtoober29 says:

Twisted x for pull on boots, Carolina for high heel logger style, Chippewa for insulated high heel logger style. But screw it they are all so much money these days. I’m about to get some nicks for 500$ hand made in merica

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