BALLET BOOT Wedges – Walking in them | Refuse To Be Usual

Ballet Boot Wedges are not necessarily intended to go on a hiking trip or taking a nice long walk, but they are intended essentially for restriction of the foot for all kinds of play! 😘 watch as Michelle has tried on her ballet boot wedges for the first time and how she progressed in them over a period of 3 weeks.

Michelle felt more confident walking downstairs backwards. I’m sure in time she will be able to walk downstairs in a front facing manner.

Michelle intends to continue to practice in them to one day become an expert in walking in them. If you have any special tips or tricks for Michelle, please feel free to comment below!

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Bean ray says:

This video is to cute

Valerie Howard says:


Natalie Tomaszewski says:

My same foot hurts as yours when I have a shoe too tight or whatever. It’s always my right foot that would hurt. And I just watched ur pleaser 12 video and ur right foot looked like bigger or like it was more uncomfortable in the shoe. Like the skin peeking thru the shoe looked more rounded over than the other. It sucks to have one bigger or differently shaped foot):

Nerissa says:

more like “refuse to be sane”

Perlita Habanera says:

You are so brave!! OMG!!

Sagittarius420 Cheefie says:

They look painful

Jessica Santillo says:

She’s lucky these are the wedges too. The actual heels would be even harder.

Macy Martinez says:

I’m a ballet dancer and you have to have years of training to wear pointe shoes and most can’t really walk in a straight line wearing them And they hurt like CRAP your toes get destroyed and I don’t understand why people wanna walk all day like that not saying don’t wear them do whatever you want u just kinda advise you to strengthen you ankles maybe take some ballet I just don’t want you to hurt yourself

mermaid lover234 says:

I have been a ballerina for 10 years I am a pre professional ballerina and it is still hard to dance and walk in them and pointe shoes are very harmfull to your legs knees and back and I have suffered injuries from pointe shoes so those shoes are stupid

moosefighta2000 says:

No such thing as double jointed feet. Just flexible joints….

Jonnie Nelson says:

Nice job, but looks very painful

Clorox Bleach says:

Im not a fan of these

Kap 54 says:

Refuse to be usual? More like refuse to be functional. I’m sorry, love your other vids.

Patrema Gilbert says:

Yea cute but icould never walk in them

Merlot Rose says:

the shoes he she from the powerpuff girls wore

Jason Bender says:

ur so beautiful like a angel

Niki M says:

Girl you gonna hurt yourself. Those shoes are not even worth it.

VooDoo2049 says:


Nancy McDade says:

Why would you waste your money on something you can’t walk in?

Rishel Schimmel says:

A good work out i guess

Arica Hessian says:

Whats the point in owning shoes you can’t walk in…

jaguy4u2 says:

This reminds me of foot binding in ancient China…maybe a p

Nunya Me says:

No no nooooo those are just fetish in the bedroom type shoes

miaskittens D says:

LOL… why?

Cody Wilkinson says:

Love the hair

zeus 5029 says:

When I dress these really turn the guys crazy.

Rose Vampire says:

Omg they are so beautiful.

skobochka says:

Thats insane!

35686543 468752754 says:

Pointless these shoes are for anyone

Ulo Hun says:

ok yep these are definitely a bedroom thing. While heels are the sexy lingerie of footwear, these are more like the hog-tie harness.

S. mond says:

you should add wearing a butt plug at the same time, possibly a version with a tail

Jessica Santillo says:

I’m curious to know how the toes are actually positioned in that shoe. Like on your actual tippy tippy toe, or on ur normal tippy toes where ur toes are bent and ur on like the ball of ur foot or whatever a little bit.

Harlley Gurrola says:

Don’t hurt yourself, Michelle! OUCH! How did they feel when you wore them For the first time?

Theresa Blanton says:

Ouch-you made me break my toe. LOL. Feet hurt just watching you.

Daniel Kleinmeier says:

Thank God 4 stupidity and purple hair

Vashti Perry says:

Work out you legs cafes and you can walk in them better. Hit the gym put on some weights. I don’t wear shoes like this but I wear really high heels and weight lifting a little always helps me

Patrema Gilbert says:

Wow u good

I Don't Belong Here says:

You can get away with foot prints in these

Mrs. Bojek says:

Proč se v tom ukazuje, když to neumí????

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