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Ballet Boots are something that Michelle has wanted to try but had only seen very few individuals who can walk in them. Ballet Boots are mostly seen in photos only but has created a ballet boot wedge that Michelle felt would be a great transition into a stiletto heel ballet boot.

Please keep in mind that it is important to take precautions when attempting to wear ballet boots.

Edit: Nikki is from Taiwan not Japan (3:14)

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Kathy Bates says:

The wedges look way better than the stiletto heel

Tony says:

They are so sexy, I love the color!

aspire02bb says:

you can try

sogreyisthenewblack says:

love love love! They look great! the locking zipper is amazing but I think you should take the keys off of the zipper.

slick36c says:

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MICHELLE THEY LOOK LOVELY just like me very girly much love

florcom1 says:

Be careful these bots look like a broken ankle waiting to happen.

Alize Ibarra says:


renee p says:

Doctor: “Uh….So tell me again how you fell?”

Richard M says:

Good to see RTBU getting the plaudits they deserve. Using lockable zips on ballet boots was my idea, after seeing how they had made the Secret knee length boot with a strap and padlock which, in my opinion, ruined the clean look. It took Nikki four months to source the zips, but she finally succeeded and Secret II was born. I have a similar pair to your own, which a friend wore on a shopping trip recently, just to prove they can be worn outside the bedroom. I’ve just posted a video of her shoe shopping wearing them.

CGts Films says:

Very nice to see these! Please be careful!

Micala Roussel says:

Michelle, what is your true shoe size in something like a ballet heel?I’d LOVE to purchase and send you a pair of true ballet heels,from a company called “Shoe Freaks .ca(here in Canada-they specialize in fetish heels of all types).

Acin75 says:

I wanted to have a ballet boots 35.5 and I got 36 and the heel was too long… my wife was very disappointed…


I would love to see you walking with theses very sexy boots !!!!

gumper7 says:

Totally agree, NIcky is awesome to work with. The Secret boot was one I had made but didnt have the locking zipper, which she then she found later and made the Secret II boot. I would for sure recommend to anyone looking for something special, to get in touch with her.

Alexis DeVille says:

You might need these at some point I know I did in Ballet heeled calf boots, it took me several weeks to master them! And like you I was very experienced in very high heeled boot and shoe both single soles to just under 7 inch and platforms to 4 platform and 10 1/2 heels for both Fetish and Comic Cons! You might want to buy ballet shoe toe pads

from, the ones I have are blue silicone

and make a big difference ! Once you get the ballet

shoe toe pads remember you need to practice keeping

knee straight . Wearing them while laying down helps

a lot to stretch your tendons and make your ankle

achieve a better arch. I am on Facebook and Flicker as Alexis DeVille.

Micala Roussel says:

LOVE those boots Michelle, but in all honesty they are the true “Ballet boots”.I have the real style ballet heels,they are 7inch heels, with pointed toe,similar to a ballet slipper.The ones you have could be considered as ballet trainers,or hoof style heels(please don’t be offended by my words).
Love you Michelle, respectfully Micala,

xiao-echo says:

You need ski poles

john habiniak says:

Those boots are amazing and the color looks great, this is the first time I’ve seen some one with them. I’ve seen women wearing the ballet shoes with stilletos. Looking forward to seeing you learn to walk in them I give you props for doing this, walking in a true 5in without a platform is all my ankle will take

Chris Drummond says:

Great color. Would you consider showing and wearing a pair of funky high heeled clogs that I customized that would go great with your beautiful purple hair?

james l says:

Nice ballet boots love the color definitely a nice choice

Alexis DeVille says:

I believe that after you master these Ballet trainer. You can go to real Ballet heeled boots and shoes!

Harley Quinn says:

omg! Thats really crazy boots! Please dont attempt to walk in them, you can break something if you fall!

Zach Fawver says:

Awesome color!

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