Ballet Boot Stilettos VS Ballet Boot Wedges | Refuse to Be Usual

Ballet boot Wedge Trainers vs Ballet Boot Stilettos. Mdigia gives her opinion on the difference!

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steen moeller says:

Wiw love the pink boots would love to onw them

Dani Weber says:

A beautiful video and beautiful ballet heels shoes

Ci Native says:

Funny they brought up power puff girls because these shoes remind me of HIM

Picadilli says:


Michelle DiGia says:

Have you ever worn a pair of ballet boots? What color would you choose, if you customized your own from Refuse to Be Usual (see link in description)?

Max Doheny says:

I really appreciate that you feature the trainers so much. I know most people obsess over stilettos ballets, but I find the trainers kind of otherworldly. A strange beauty. Thanks!

Alexis DeVille says:

I think they are lovely, but I need more ankle and calf support then the material would give me, to wear them for more than a few hours!

MonochromeBurglar says:

I would choose a pair of ballet heels in matte black if I could get them.

Paris Hbibti says:

Beautiful high heels

Christopher Doty says:

Really need a video about heels for girls with high arches…. PlZ!!
Ballet Boot color, Neon Hi Viz…

Harley Quinn says:

Cheyenne has got an amazing pair of legs, she would look killer in heels! Does she wear heels regularly like you Michelle?

alice johnson says:

Do u ever wear socks at all lol

sogreyisthenewblack says:

Was she able to get out of them even though you didn’t have the keys? why were the keys not on the boots?

king 2019 says:

Stupid shoes that are made for drag queens. Good for a pic with help in case of injury. Enjoyed watching y’all walk ladies.

EricB256 says:

Those toe cushions, where can they be found and what are they called again? They look like a great idea to make wearing these kind of shoes easier.

Petra Doll says:

only she (RTBU)
 does make then in large sizes 🙁

oliver mcfadden says:

im about to buy some heavy hoof heels

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