YRU Qozmo Shoe Review

Thanks for watching! Disclaimer: I have full permission to the audio used in this video for monetization purposes. Audio is from audionautix.com.
White shoe: https://m.karmaloop.com/product/The-Qozmo-Hi-Shoe-in-White/348326#.VGUPdorXfCQ
Black shoe: https://m.karmaloop.com/product/The-Qozmo-Hi-Shoe-in-Black/348325#.VGUPpIrXfCQ


? ¿! says:

I’ve found a way around this I strapped the Guinness world recored books to my foot now I’m high

Ang Reed says:

I dont know if youre much of a fan of demonia shoes but theres an ebay seller called great hot stuff and they do all of the demnias and a good amount of other brands for quite a decent price. Ive looked up demonias before and in nzd and shipping is about $400 but from these guys its closer to $200 so i just thought oj might want to have a look

Amelia Moon says:

Thank you so much for your review! I’m hunting for shoes in a similar style, but I want to make sure that they’ll be durable (and at an affordable price lol). Do you have any suggestions? 🙂

Beka W says:

The public’s reaction will depend on where you live. i live in a city where a lot of people dress alternatively and wearing these shoes wouldn’t merit a second look.

iamcharlottexxx says:

I love your style!

punqkeh says:

you know how much size 7 is in cm? because in Hot topic sizing seems to be like, two  numbers lower than what i’m used to

Caz Maree says:

I love your headpiece! Where’s it from hun?

tre santiago says:

HOT TOPIC is having a sale on all there YRU brand shoes, just ordered my Qozmos for $64.

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