Walking in EXTREME High Heels

Walking in EXTREME High Heels

Showing off my most extreme high heels. Heels with no platforms that are 7inches to 8 inch heels with a 3 inch platform.

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Fairlight CMI says:

Skip to 7:15 to watch a little wobbly, stilted walking. Up to that point it’s all talk, no walk.

Morgan Robertson says:

It took her more than 7 minutes to get to actually walking in the heels

Candy Ray says:

What’s with your camera man always zooming in and out constantly

Matt Vaughan says:

its killing me that you don’t have socks on

Diamond Dior says:

If you look at how Jessica Rabbit walks across the stage in her heels that’s how you walk in the dagger stilettos and other heels like them. Like here: https://youtu.be/yy5THitqPBw

karen barcenas says:

My feet hurt just by looking at this video

Briza Granadeno says:

Eugene from the try guy went to 3 bars partying in dagger heels and ended up bleeding till the next day

Josie Ryan says:

i wish i had $300 to drop on those boots

Pablo Solis says:

Where did you get the gold ones at

Dai C. says:

Gods above! Gurl! You’re killing me with all that height! XD I can bearly wear Stilettos for two hours before I have to take them off.

socrlax says:

For the women out there who like wearing heels like this, you keep doing you. But for the women out there who feel obligated or pressured to wear heels like this, I am truly sorry for your feet.

Meh Meh says:

To walk in the daggers and the red boots I would try getting a more flexible foot

Miss Batty says:

Met you in person awhile back at Dennys, have to say it’s a bit rough watching you in those shoes, mainly those red boots, those looked so painful. Loved the spiked high healed boots those are definitely something I wish I could wear, but I trip on air lol…

WanderluStoked says:

It seems like you can’t even barely walk. The structure makes you look that you will fall. Not nice to look at

I'm Screaming says:

That moving camera was making me sea sick!

Fantin Delattre says:

Love ! From Belgium !

Alexis Jewel says:

I am 23 and I have a massive shoe collection (190 pairs). I keeps thinking about starting a YouTube channel but I am reluctant. You are inspiring though, and I love seeing your collection!

Ernesto Perez says:

Esas botas negras estan de lujo… Woow i love video….

Damien DUTERTRE says:

I love your pleaser boots!! they are awesome!! I’m a man, and I want a pair of high Heel…

Angel Cardona says:

Yesssssss come through platform heels I own like 8 pear of platform heels like the ones that she has

Mike Sylvester says:

Its amazing how drag queen perform in these

My dream is her Dream says:

The head that are pointier And have no incline are the hardest to walk on.

Cyndrella Abbott says:

Got a good laugh at the snippet of you attempting to walk in the red boots. So funny! Listen, nobody can walk in them. They are too verticle and the ankle cannot contort to that bendability. Maybe if you were a ballerina on point you could pull it off.

Kaiyah B says:

I’m and I want the blue multi colored ones they are so cute

Explorer Mike says:

By big fat ex-sister-in-law wore spike heeled shoes at our house and ruined our wood floors. Please, Fat Ladies, do NOT wear spike high heeled shoes.

Aneesa H. says:

I bet I could walk in those red boots!

Larz Xavier says:

The Daggers HORRIFY ME, but not the others.

Hannah Ruddle says:

The bright red ones look so uncomfortable 5o wear

Have a great day! says:

Wait…..why is the lock there?

SHADYDERICK Blocker says:

I’m here because I am LIVING for the dagger 12 !! i neeeed youre shoe collection! <3

Miffy reborns says:

I thought she was going to rupauls it and say I own 50%of this company lol

Mina Larson says:

Wait u don’t wear socks

ibkrissy_xoxo says:

I love the ones with the gold plate straps

IceboltLP says:

I look at some of them and think “Yep, they’re doable/walkable” but at some I just go WTF. I couldn’t even stand in those, let alone walk.

CHloE748 says:

No I don’t know why the lock? Bdsm or something?

Rachel Ramdin says:

Beautifull shoes they just makes u happy whether you put them on or not just to make y feel happy

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