Review Trying to Walk In Pleaser Beyond 10 Inch High Heel Shoes

Taylor tries on Some Huge 10 Inch Platform High Heel Shoes.
These Heels are the Tallest Pleaser make at 10 Inches and even have a warning label on the box.
They are more suited for Show purposes Modelling Photoshoots and have been used in Fashion Runway Shows but not recommended for Walking in unless you have lots of practice.
Taylor always wanted to try some 10 inch heels so we said give it a go lol and we do get many requests to do a Video in these Heels for you guys.
So here we go quite funny not practical at all but definitely Shoes we do sell to the die hard shoe addicted Collectors.
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George Clooney says:

My gosh, touch the ceiling babe. Cute girl. Gets heated at 3:50

videoveo videoveoo says:

para limpiar las lamparas,,

Harry Castellanos says:

Super altos y profundos ricos exquisitos sexxxys ohooooo que bellos están tus tacones infernales me gustan muchooooooooooooo…!

Randy LittleWolf says:

How you do it?
Love to feel.them on my.back n chest,I’d love to clean your sweet collection for you and I wouldnt let you fall

Randy LittleWolf says:

Only compliments to you sweetheart,love your BOOTS AND your HEELS I really appreciate your tenacity for challenges.
Hope you have a great week and I hope to see more of you and your killer collection of Boots and Heels,love your fan of pleasers

MrWicked98 says:

I recommend not wearing them out of the bedroom.

Gian Morrison says:

They fit you like a glove

kro7991 says:

I bet you could use a good massage after wearing those! Very attractive though.

Tomas Drabek says:

You are so tall 🙂

roberto gemignani says:

I love these black heels are really fantastic … enjoy …

Sergey Sitkin says:

Че блять не голая то сука

Diogenes Teufelsdracht says:

You’re a great sport, Taylor and I’m glad you didn’t fall.

The Skull says:

damn its like wearing stilts

DjoLeLion says:

So beautiful!!! How tall is Taylor in those??? She must definitely be over 6ft…

tina heels says:

there fun for sure 😉

El GalliTico says:

Yeahhhh I liked nice video ❤️

Emma Louise cd/tv says:

Very nice

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