Review | Christian Louboutin “Highness”

I recently purchased the Christian Louboutin “Highness” Heels – They’re 160mm & available below, check out my review and little rant about what happened to them!

Sweatshirt (similar):

Brand New: (Black)
Love These:
Want These:

Similar Styles –
Lady Highness:

Where not to send your shoes for repairs: (They also physically abused Alizey!)



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Juspreet J says:

I love your makeup in this video – did you do something different? Also, I’d love to see your top 10 high heel collection!! Please do one xx

Marcelie says:

She is the sexiest and most Perfect girl in fashion Channels!

Mark Nowy says:

hight of this shoes make them first choice for prostitutes.

Edward Stephens says:

you are so very beautiful. they are awesome SEXY heels.

Clare Giaimo says:

Wait when did Dubai and London move to opposite sides of the world lol

jk love you

Yrsa Iris says:

Ughh I wish I could wear those ”open” heels. My heels just keep popping out of the shoe no matter what size I try on or whatever I put on my heels to prevent it ): I tried on some louboutins while I was in NY but it just doesn’t work for me. I need something over my foot to keep it in place. So stupid. I absolutely love these shoes.

Diego Cabreara says:

I wanted to see you walking with them
They must have been pretty perfect

S P says:

You look so pretty with more natural makeup!

DeeDee M says:

I want a pair so bad!

nikki L says:

what type of hair cut do you have????

Leena Park says:

The only cobbler that does the Louboutin sole correctly is Minuit Moins 7 in Paris.

Kelsey J22 says:

If your gonna review shoes and or cloths try them on in the video

J.S. Simmons says:

Love the black ones!
Are you wearing eyeshadow? Your eyes look amazing! Like the flower crown snap filter

Maddie Gemma says:

Yay I have these in the black calfskin and they are the best heels ever! Love this video

Celia Pancaldi says:

do you have vlog channel?

kayla220220 says:

Do u have a bf if so can u do a bf tag video

matthew guo says:

did you get a nosejob?

Shaz .P says:

with skinny jeans or not???

Nicole Ochoa says:

Absolutely love!!

ChriseyMaria says:

i know their not higher end shows but, if you’re into the art of a heel you should check out Irregular Choice. They are a bit more tacky but they are works of art! perfect for a shelf or show box.


Soooooo major!!! I adore you!!!

Alycia Saini says:

please do a makeup tutorial and your everyday makeup routine and a glam nightout look too

Vane Tovar says:

Can you do a video about your hair extensions 🙂 <3

Moon Winters says:

I think the calf would of prefered too have its own skin, still it’s pain is your gain eh.

FineryFinder says:

I would love for Louboutin to widen the toe box just a teeny weeny bit…I just can’t walk for any period of time with their toe box, and I applaud Louboutin for bringing out the different skin tones … it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when I saw them 🙂

Olivia Guerrero says:

been hardly deciding what’s more practical between highness and daffodile. i think the former wins. wow those are small feet! cutie!


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