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This is a review on Platform Heels, Fashion Style Guidance.

Hey Guys,

Welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. We’re doing all kinds of videos about different patterns that are out there in the market place. And, we were just having different conversations about everything is, in fashion right now in foot wear. There’s platforms, there’s single soles, there’s pointy toes, there’s baby doll toes, there’s the granny boots, there’s flats, there’s heels, there’s army boots. I mean everything is kinda in fashion. There’s just the things that you don’t like and, the things that other people do like is, what makes the difference out there.

But, today is about platforms and, I’m a big fan of the platforms. I think it gives you a chance to wear something super high heel that, you normally wouldn’t be able to handle. The platform raises the foot up. Originally, your thinking of the platforms of the 60’s and the 70’s and the hippie days; and, girls run around on these high giant heels. But, what’s really nice if you think about the philosophy of the platforms; this is a 2-1/2 inch heel in the front –or a platform in the front and, it also takes the pitch down at the back so, actually your pitch is not so high so, these are much more comfortable then a pair of high spiky shoe without a platform in the front, it gives you a much more support. So, tons of little examples of platforms out there; there’s even some man’s platforms in the market place. This, is actually a little subdued and low but, just a nice little slim platform but, it’s comfortable, they made this one all out of rubber. Let’s bring Rachel out here and look at another classic platform. There hidden, I love –this one is like a little granny boots, classic, rich, styley. This has, what they call, hidden platform. A platform inside here but, you don’t see it; it’s inside the shoe. And, it takes your foot up to here; bottom of her foot is right here so, it takes the pitch down from her heel, high heel. So, it’s almost a 4 inch high heel granny boot there. So, it gives you a much more comfort durable thing. I think it allows you to wear a high heel a lot longer during the day and be more comfortable and look sassy and sexy and feminine in high heel shoes.

So, that’s our story about platforms. They’re all over the market place; you can find many different examples and enjoy your cool pair of platforms and of cores, shop here at City Soles and Enjoy…Thanks!

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Anyway, remember, always wear cool shoes…Thanks!

This was a review on Platform Heels, Fashion Style Guidance.


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