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Cecilia Padilla says:

I’ve got the pink shoes and I freakin love them! I always get compliments wherever I go.

secretartist16 says:

I thought the purpose of high heels was to make your legs look fantastic and to make you taller and dress up a look… Not to have sex. -_- By that logic, every Friday when I put on my dance shoes (3″ heel) for ballroom dance class, I’m looking to get laid. Oddly enough, though class did get me a boyfriend, it never got me laid, and I’m dancing with 30-50 men every Friday night. Even the Latin dances don’t get me so much as being hit on! :p

Gaia Giuliani says:

there are fantastic shoes!!!

Bridget Lamoureux says:

i just started watching you, and i can’t believe it took me this long!

Pouchy17 says:

BEAUTIFUL. Please give me those shoes.

Branna Mander says:

we have matching feet ^_^ lol

xxAmericanbeautyXoxo says:

I have both of them too :] ha

Nadya6 says:

your hair is gorgeous!! 😀

allicatluvsgh says:

Love the hair!

Nimi Butt says:

ha ha ha leesha very beauty full shoes

Marjorie Fischl says:

No the purpose of heels is to get sex not drunk, you can get drunk in any shoes. Just in case you Chuck, Ralph or any of those guys (It would be great if there was one more) you don’t want that on your good shoes. I love the shoes by the way.

Amanda Kurtz says:

I have those pink ones, I love love love them!

MissNeonToxicRainbow says:

Ah! I cannot decide! I love the black ones… but I think the pink ones are cute as well. I keep thinking.. “How often am I really going to wear the pink ones.?” Then my mind says.. “You pretty much wear a lot of black.. so those pink ones will still look great with most of your outfits. I always have this dilemma. Would someone help me with this?

Waahoup says:

Urban Outfitters.

Elizabeth Santos-Davidson says:

i love your tastein clothes and shoes so me

JulixJinx says:

ok, so i had to whatch this video two times because in the first i saw 2 black cats and i was just stearing at them =))))) there are sooooo cuteee 😀 hahaha

Nadia Nik says:

That cat was sitting on the wall.

Shelbzisexyashell says:


secretartist16 says:

Whoa. I was making a joke too. No need to get rude.

Julia M says:

painting the bottoms of ur shoe with nail polish is what Christian loubutoin did to a pair of shoes and got his idea

Tripsy Lou says:

Generally wear a 9 or a 10? We can share shoes! 😀

Autumn Smith says:

Your cat is very Hygienic rofl

kiara decker says:


MakeMeoverby~EMily~ says:

I wish they werent peep toe! 🙁

KrimiWomy says:

No at all. They are really easy to walk in…what I meant is that as statement shoes they are not for all occasion or all places. I have a pair of my own but I wouldn’t use them to go shopping…but just because I don’t like to catch eyes on me no matter what. These in the video seem more like normal shoes with a twist

mydenmel says:

Lovelovelove ur hair style plus its pink so perfect for you.

TheNativeMami says:

I have these in pink and they kill my feet. I am sending them back to see if a larger size will work because the kill the front of my foot and squish my poor toes. I think I’ll get the black instead. Maybe

Marjorie Fischl says:

I’m sorry I was not trying to be rude. After reading my reply again I see how you could take it that way. I was just in a bit of a hurry. I love shoes, they always fit, they can be used/worn for all those reasons and purchased for almost any reason and almost always make over an outfit and put a smile on every ones face. I am glad you were joking too.

pavarooti says:

LOVE the top!

rmcbeigh says:

but what happens when you have to scratch the back of your leg ?? doesn’t that cut at all?

violeteyes14 says:

“i wouldn’t recommend wearing these if your going to get drunk” well damn! thats the whole purpose of cute heels! hahah jk

Roflmeowkitteh says:

Cute cats! :3

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