KIDS React to EXTREME High Heels

My little kid cousins escaped Hurricane Florence (FlO) from the east coast, so we decided to see how they would react to mdigia’s extreme high heel collection and a variety of unique and different heels. They wanted to do a follow up to mdigia trying on the heels, but left before that could be filmed. Maybe we can do that in the future soon!


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MrZakka85 says:

Waiting a walking video on all them

Danny Holmes says:

O M G !! Zebras striped . No I don’t think so !

Brian L says:

Cool video. I am looking forward to the follow up.

Danny Holmes says:

I like white , nice pumps .

Zsa Zsa Umbra says:

Haha! I love this! Kids love going through my shoe closet.

Andres Remolina says:

Great heels, great video.!!

Paweł Bociarski says:


R S says:

When she stood up@ 14:00 I thought she was going to try your boots on and see if she could walk in them.

Ben says:


Mark St. Cyr says:

hey michelle your so cute and love the hair color and the heels and boots

Danny Holmes says:

Ugly , could you even walk in those or what .

smity1000 says:

I liked your cousins’ reactions to the heels! I bet part two would be even funnier for them to see you wear them!

Ed Fowler says:

This has got to be the largest waste of my time in the entire universe. At the very least there should have been a boot for each of them to wear and show off.

stéphanie giorgi says:

i want all of your shoes TwT it’s so beautiful

AimTech says:

make them wear them XD

stanainsley2 says:

Kids will say the darnest things

john habiniak says:

There reaction to your shoes is Priceless and funny… flip-flops

kim Inam says:

Kibs high heels ?

Jupiter MacWillow says:

Whether you admit it or not this is an adult channel and I find this cringe-worthy and in bad taste.

juan dood says:

why does this feel so creepy?

Count_Zer0 says:

This video is creepy and lame.

Timo Holm says:

Very nice video. And so awesome shoes, I love them all. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.

CynicalCynDie says:

I need those heels you are wearing.

Danny Holmes says:

Gaaaaaa! Look at those boots very $$$$$$$$$$$ expensive ! A 10 inch or 10 cm s crush boots .

Danny Holmes says:

Wooooow ! Lots,of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! ! !

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