I Wore Platform Crocs For A Week

So a few months ago I saw these wild shoes online – and thought instantly that we had to try them out for our ~questionable fashion decision~ series! So I got these Balenciaga Platform Crocs and wore them around for a week, just to see if they could be styled and generally how crazy they were! What do you think? Would you dare try the platform croc?

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Abbie King says:

i high key want some but i’m broke

Lamija Hreljic says:

She put 800$ shoes in the water.

Blue Moon says:


Τζένη Χιονίδη says:

The Ancient Greek platforms are actually called “cothornus” (κόθορνος)

Rahaf Almansour says:

i missed you upload need videos please

Safiya Nygaard says:

HELLO FRIENDS!!! no, i don’t know why i did this either. what do you think of these shoes?? wait until the end for an update on the frankenphora lipstick giveaway! xoxo, saf

Angela says:

You should have bought the black spikey ones!

mia jull says:

lol that stranger was staring

KiWeeKW says:

holy shit u pulled all these outfits off so well

Sophia Le says:

WhAt ArE tHoSe

Aidan Straw says:

You can call me hairy spice? Lol, can i see?

Tallulah Horton says:

Where are those hoodie trousers from?! haha

Andrea Knittel says:

I love your hair curly

Falisha Stewart says:

Your life=FUN

Donata Laniyonu says:

that bookbag is fireeeee , post a link for it!!

Pretty Krazy says:

she guessed ro’s play in escape trhe night

Victoro Henri says:

I love her walking with that

ferociousgumby says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQSFRpplAow Please try ballet boots next!

Amanda Lander says:

I almost spit my food out when Safiya stepped out in the “all out” outfit. Hilarious.

Sussie Sapphire says:

“I wore platform crocks for a week”
but…but why though…?

Arbe Bitbit says:

cristobal must be screaming on his grave

Jessica Neal says:

You in those shoes on the beach made me laugh so much I cried!

nightcore first says:

These balanciagas are bigger than my future

Deviant Kitty says:

you put on cute outfits and then walk around like you just pooped your diaper and its unsettling and hilarious and Im living for it

Judith Garcia says:

You really look like two giant pink marshmallows have swallowed your feet?! I don’t think I would have any occasion to wear these anywhere!!! … but if Michelin tire boy were to marry pink marshmallow woman ….she could wear these crocs to the wedding!?

Ariana Chambers says:

They look like Monster High shoes

MsPurpleStuff says:

I love outfit five! (except for the shoes of course lol)

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