How to: Walk in 6 inch heels

Daunted by the prospect of towering 6 inch heels? Here’s your step-by-step (pun intended!) guide to sashaying across the room in your glamazonian heels. Starting from putting the shoes on to confidently handling stairs, this video will have you striding in heels in no time at all.

My silver stilettos:
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mrstepstool says:

I know it is so hard for you ladies and so painful, but we appreciate it sooo much !I would go so far as to say that I want you ladies to walk on my body with these !Just the sight and touch of shoes like these causes me all kinds of distraction.Then there is the sound of these shoes ‘clomping’ along on a hard floor !! After a night out, I am always there to massage those tired tootsies !

John Michael Mendoza says:

wow you have many shoes

Spymooping Ovaltine says:

She walked in the club like nobody’s business.

Timber says:

Torture for women, ruins your feet and posture.

Evah Emmima says:

nice video…….. I have a problem where my knees bend when I walk……..

DR57 says:

Amazing – I Would fall all over the place…

J. Michelle Sharpe says:

Despite others’ commentary regarding the size of the heel that she is wearing, I give her an A wholeheartedly!!

Bijou Lockjaw says:

just bought my first pair of heels and of course I got 6″ .. and im a boy lol. whole new experiance, this vid is definitly helping

01artist says:

The heel height might be 6 inches but your foot is not arched 6 inches so does this really show women how to walk in 6 inch heels, really?

Faith SPN, TWD says:

Most people would be almost 6’0 or even over. I’d be only 5’5 wearing those Xp

Ida Bah says:

thanks you really helping me

Fernando Marchant says:

I love to use high heels, nice video, you have a lovely feets and shoe collection

My pitty party cry-cry says:

how to walk in 6 inch heals ,take them off lol

Elijah Allen says:

I was walking around in 6.5 inch heels thinking they were 5 inches.

google user says:

Bitch, I can cartwheel in heels!

Mahabub Hossain says:

5’6 to 6′

Felicia Meck says:

when I walk heel to toe in heels, the heel pops out. I naturally curl my feet when I walk. I can’t figure it out. chunk heels for me, no stick 🙁

Marriegrace Wademan says:

I’d fall and break something

michelle peirce says:

ur hott love ir legs and high heels and your feet i have to Master bate and cum so hard

Tommy Was Homophobic says:

nice dress

freddybeer says:

Girls and their obsession with six inches!

Phosphor AJ says:

I don’t know why, but it is really easy for me to walk in heels. When I was eleven I completely skipped kitten heels and went for 3 inches. It was the easiest thing ever. 6 inch heels feel how 3 inch heels would feel like on my mum. (she wobbles on the first 5 steps or so)

Scott Bridge says:

I can’t decide which I find sexier on her, the way she looks in and handles her heels or her accent.

bladez 22 says:

Wht did I watch that. Dam I gotta get a life lol

Shohini Lalal says:

Ariana grande dances like this….

Demetrius Walls says:

She straight up power walked!!! That is soooooo dam sexy. I like her

Krimunk Morin says:

looks painful and frivolous

onarionaa says:

i’m fine walking in 5-in open toed heels, but something about that next inch and the restriction of closed toes fucks up my walk.

popular and up me now says:

does it cost muny

Bubblegum _girl132 says:

Helped me heaps

Sarah Lovell says:

Damn she is beautiful

JohnnyCool44 says:

sexy heels! love u!!!

Diane Ferre' says:

Ive been wearing very high heels 35 years…
Walking heel 2 toe will snap a heeled stilletto in a second…
(Ive done it years ago)…
almost broke my ankle!
Its the reason why you walk in high heels as you would walking a runway… (done that too)…

Jelena Nika says:

Yeah its easy to walk on flat surface and the stairs are not a problem to me,but how come my friends walk so much faster than me? I have to walk small steps and they just kick it like there in sneakers… I loose balance easy and my joints i feel like there are not strong enough to carry me and i’m not a big girl.. so its just suffering for me in heels i guess… xD

Carlos _ says:

She works for the money
She works for the money
She works for the money
She works for the money

Like it’s nobody’s business

Frederic Riter says:

I wood love to lick her toes

misdl32012 says:

it’s very good but she talked too much

Superb Media Content Creator says:

Yes… 4″ heels with 2″ platforms…

Michelle Tackett says:

Thanks for the tips honey. I am still on kitten heels, giggles, but I can move up and rock these babies! OMG! You did phenomenal.

Joshua R says:

Who doesn’t know how to walk in 6 inch heels, it’s easy and yes I’m a man who wears Heels/Wedges of all inches.

CandyHam says:

so much suffering, not even to strengthen the feet but to destroy them

Helen Eschenbacher says:

What a beautiful woman! Her hands are long, supple—just a lovely lady!
I can barely wear one inch heels!
Last time I was in New York to visit and watch some Broadway and off-Broadway plays I went to the original Macy’s to buy a dress and shoes. Fashion is decidedly different from ever present flip-flops and simple Tommy Bahamas cotton shifts here in Hawai’i! When I asked where to find shoes, the Macy’s advisor said “Do you want shoes you look good in? Or shoes you can actually walk in!” I got one inch heels. AFTER the play as I walked out into Times Square I noticed that EVERY woman was carrying her shoes!
Different strokes for different folks. I’m glad we have such variety in fashion.

01artist says:

Platform heels are kind of like cheating. If you had a true arch that was as high as the actual heel it would be much harder to walk in. . .Just sayin

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