How I started wearing platform heels

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Amanda Rayovac says:

I was told by many women who wear heels to “Start low and work up”
but you started with those!?

andy f says:

do you smoke? got any tattoos?

Micala Roussel says:

I’ve noticed that you have gorgeous,toned,sexy legs and feet.

daltex81 says:

Do you drive in platform heels?

kane Fabish says:

nice video

Cathy Wilde says:

You are one cool chick!! Thanks for the update 🙂

Micala Roussel says:

Challenges are fun,please be careful trying to walk in them.

Dave Coop says:

I have a few pics of heels I want to give away sz8

stilettoshoes2003 says:

Hello Michelle. Fantastic you wear heels for your husband (sounds like he has a fetish :)) I know how he feel. Would wish my wife would do the same for me that you do. She’s not into heels though, so…

Keep up walking in high heels, you look so absolutly fantastic, beautiful and sexy in them 🙂 But the fact that strange men feel the right to start touching you just becaus you wear heels is a sign of bad caracter. Wouldn’t dream of doing that, I think I would be way too shy to even give you the compliment you deserve 🙂

Micala Roussel says:

I hope that you don’t mind me saying this-you are an absolutely beautiful,amazing kind and sweet young woman.

Micala Roussel says:

You are absolutely right. It would be an absolute pleasure to meet you.I love your videos.I’ve been wearing women’s shoes since I was 4 years old(now I’m 50).

Chrisusa119 says:

i appreciate a women that take care of there feet. More open toed heels please.

Harley Quinn says:

The way you crush stuff, on very wet and slippery marble floors, plastic sheets etc, its almost impossible to believe that you could ever fall in heels! Hope you werent hurt much!

tina heels says:

just lovely michelle 🙂 just love all your heels girl 🙂

p as says:

When you say that Coutrney wore heels for 250 hours, do you mean straight or cumilitave? And I think that like a “who can wear heels for the longest challenge” would be an amaaaazing vid. Love all of your vids 🙂

Darke Wilson says:

Wear the pink pleaser heels in a video

Laura Morquecho says:

I would like to see you wearing black patent leather heels without platform. Those who have metal heels

luvyrheels says:

you have great taste 🙂


What size shoe do you wear??

Chris Nightwalk says:

I’m quite surprised that it was your husband that got You into wearing heels. I always thought a girl in flats would ALWAYS be in flats, but I can change that opinion completely!
(Though I would Gladly wear the heels for my potential S.O. 😉

Dave Coop says:

I want a girlfriend who can wear higheels alot like u do

tina heels says:

i so want that 8 inch heels

CynderellasFetish says:

🙁  I wear socks with my heels, I kinda like how it looks

Rachnera Arachnera says:

So informative .o. hehe. Oww and my favourits are the pvc 8 inch ankle oxfords 🙂 (which you sadly don’t have)

cervezadog says:

Have you ever sported the platform heels that I sent you? I would love to see you crush in them. Maybe a rotisserie chicken? They’re cheaper than a turkey. lol

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