Dolls Kill Ballet Bae Platforms – Unboxing/Review | Toxic Tears

Hello Lovelies!~ Okay so these shoes aren’t super practical, but that hasn’t stopped me wearing them just about everywhere lately, even just out to the shop! I can’t help it, they’re so beautiful! Now I just need the baby pink pair! Maybe I should do some sort of pastel goth transformation with them?;)

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“Honey, if anyone knows when Halloween is, its me.”


Kyia Box says:

♥marilyn manson♥

Gothic Wombat says:

I know this is quite late in terms of when the video came out, but for really stiff zips on shoes/bags/etc, if you rub some beeswax on the zip then they slide much more easily. I had a bag that would not open at all until my friend showed me the beeswax trick, now it glides open.

malefecent says:

love how the laces look. pretty!

Chelsey Unknown says:

what shoe size did you buy?

broken pale angle says:

love those shoes do u have to order them or can u by them out of the store?

Illyana Morales says:

are they true to size? I’m a 6 1/2 and I’m looking at ordering a 7

Leila says:


Kali_Dash says:

I’m 5’8ish so I could NOT even imagine wearing a 6 inch heel haha I already feel tall enough for a girl, adding 6 1/2″ would make me hit the ceiling haha

KDJ says:

Thank you for actually reviewing the quality and telling us how they feel on. I’ve looked everywhere for a review on Dolls Kill’s QUALITY and I couldn’t find anything! More reviewssss please haha. New subscriber here 🙂

Hazel Woodbridge says:

SO CUTE!!!! there like total monster high shoes!!!

broken pale angle says:

P’s love thos tights

Sandra Gutierrez says:

They’re gorgeous!!! I got the pink pink forms.. Definitely worth every penny..

broken pale angle says:

and how much are they ? going to get my grandparents to by them for me for Christmas lol

Sam D. says:

I love these shoes but the name is wee bit unnecessary. XD +Toxic Tears

Jamie Jimenez says:

these shoes just make me angry because I’m. ballerina and I know that’s not how Pointe shoes tie

Christina Kylie Braddock says:

And you’re not afraid to walk in these shoes? xD THEY LOOK SO HIGH!

Jennifer Shelley says:

how easy are they to walk in because of your toes not being on the ground, since I love them and would like a pair but i’m really clumsy and would like o minimise the risk of me falling over in them?

Tiffany says:

can it be shipped to Paris?

joanna ember says:

you’re so beautiful like no lie

Ella C says:

You look so especially beautiful in this video! I love the contrast of the the dark eyes, light lip and light eyes! Love love love the shoes and I now want them 🙁 I just ordered the Webs We Weave boots from Dolls Kill after wanting them for over a year and fuck I’m so excited

Ariel D'Agostino says:

if you’re a half size, would you say to size up or down? I’m a 7.5 (US sizes)

sweetandcynical says:

omfg I have these in the pink matte! the lavender only comes in full satin unfortunately :/ and the black and white only come in matte so far but these shoes are amazing i love them so much only complaint is surprisingly the zip lol and the fact that i had to unlace them completely first time round

Sweetest Malificia says:

Did you have to pay duty/customs? I live in the UK but really want a pair without having to pay ridiculous customs fees 🙁

EveryDaySlacker says:

Pretty toes.

broken pale angle says:

I’m a girl and I have big feet sad face

Izokay Imadokter says:


Doll Face says:

i need these in my lyfe like yesterday

broken pale angle says:

I’m size 11 do they have them

Bbygrl Kendra says:

I LIVE for dolls kill!

Vic Chaotic says:

are we just not going to talk about the heel separating from the back of her shoe on her right (our left) foot?? she’s only worn them twice and they’re already starting to fall apart? that’s so disappointing especially for the price

Aaron Anderson says:

Do they run true to size or bigger ???? I’m hoping they run large lol

Holly Uttley says:

This makeup is your cutest

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