CONVERTIBLE SHOES! Mime et Moi Interchangeable Heels Review| Lucy’s Corsetry

I supported Mime et Moi on Kickstarter in June 2017, and received these convertible shoes with interchangeable heels that allow you to “go from high heels to flats in seconds.” In this video, I discuss the quality, sturdiness, comfort and ease-of-use of these transforming shoes. Please note that these shoes have a weight limit of 80kg (176 lbs).

Mime et Moi shoes can be found here:

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FTC: This video is not sponsored. I purchased these shoes and I am reviewing them of my own volition. All observations and opinions are my own.


Marjo Kei says:

Oh goodness, your import costs are so much worse even than ours. I’ve always found it ridiculous I have to pay 12 euro import tax BUT ALSO A 10 EURO HANDLING FEE if I were to order anything over 25usd, it is THE reason why I own so very little Flexi clips. (Expecially the anchors aweigh. Sigh.) But yours is even worse.

We in Europe try to circumvent those fees by asking online friends in the US to ship us stuff as a gift. (Sadly I have no such friends atm.) Illegal? No, because GIFTS is a loophole if you ask me.

Isn’t there something like that for Canadians as well? I mean I would happily offer myself up for a dropship point in Europe but you don’t know me so that would be weird. But there must be others who would gladly do that for their favourite Canadian corset expert. No?

Dorothy Goss says:

I’ve never even heard of convertible shoes until this video. Very cool idea.

zefluff says:

Those shoes are awesome! I had no idea convertible heels were a thing. They look stylish and seem comfy. Glad you’re happy with them. Also, thank you for sharing your US and European sizes; I’m 6.5/7 wide as well, so it really helps to see how they fit as opposed to just winging it and selecting a size. Shopping for shoes online is a nightmare.

megalopolis2015 says:

Cute and clever.

Lucy's Corsetry says:

Hi everyone! I scratched my cornea and it’s not a pretty sight, so enjoy this video without my face this week. 😉

Siouxzen H says:

For me I don’t think I will try convertable shoes. I have a very high arch and narrow feet so flat or low heels are actually painful for me to wear. Even when barefoot I am up on my toes.

Roger Knights says:

I googled for “convertible high heel shoes” and got some interesting links at
It looks as though M&M have done it right.

powerpuff4ever says:

I didn’t even know convertible heels were a thing! How clever

L'Atelier de LaFleur says:

Ooo, I wondered how these would work in actuality when I first saw their kickstarter. They look great on you! 😀

EliteXtasy says:

I like the idea and they look timeless and versatile, but I don’t like touching the dirty soles. And for that price, I’d rather buy 12 pairs of shoes from “Primarni” and stay on trend and dress according to my mood and outfit.

Abigail Garcia says:

These look so cool! I would love to try a pair someday.

Bill M says:

Some wonderful engineering here. What a superb idea. Thank you for sharing.

Tracy says:

Gosh these are pretty. Great idea

Sunny K says:

DHL is a real damper. Thanks for including the true cost in your review since it’s hardly ever mentioned in other reviews sites!

Christian K says:

That looks like a disaster waiting to happen

amongHpigeons says:

It’s not mentioned on the website due to political correctness. Can’t have any hurt feelings. There will be a lynch mob.

Nasreen Iqbal says:


Crimson Halo says:

The DHL costs sound like company brokerage fees tacked on above and beyond normal customs fees. I avoid UPS and DHL like the plague for this very reason.

Donna Stevens says:

They look very convertible shoes love the idea from changing to taking the heel off and become a flat shoe there maybe a idea where they can do that with all high heels would same our tired feet especailly when we go on the dance floor Donna x

Alexa Faie says:

How adjustable are the ankle straps? (Is it a real buckle?) I have very narrow ankles/backs of my feet so that usually an area for concern. I usually end up adding an additional hole or two to most straps!

Nasreen Iqbal says:

Size 5

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