AMAZING Product for High Heels! | Strappy Couture | Product Review

Do you ever have a pair of heels that are just a little too large for you but you don’t want to give them up? Strappy Couture could be the solution for you!

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Chris S says:

Those are sexy heels

Harley Quinn says:

You look amazing Michelle! I mean I remember the first time I saw you here, and now you haave got so much into shape now, I can imagine the kind of hard work you must have put into this. You should really do a vlog of how to get into great shape so quickly:)))) And noone can walk in high heels like you, please do more outdoor walk videos. You must be the last person on earth to be scared of heights;)))) Shoot safe and dont fall:)

Chad Campbell says:

hey Courtney and Michelle

andy f says:

Do a bug crush in ur heels goddess like a roach or spider goddess

rod myster says:

Michelle do you ever drive in your high heels?

Tim Smith says:

So amazing and beautiful to see

john habiniak says:

All 3 of the colors look nice, the 1st 2 look nice with the black the 3rd one would look great with your American Flag heels if you still have them, I think the strap on your left foot looks better at that hight than the other one. I’ve had this problem many of times with heels wich is why most of the shoes I own have either an Ankle, Maryjane or T strap

kaitsu lahtinen says:

Love heels and boots love kiss

All Encompassing Evil says:

I know a better fix for shoes that are too big… Give them to me.

Micala Roussel says:

Hi Michelle, it’s Micala. I was wondering if Napoleon Bone apart will make an appearance on Wednesday’s video?
I’m looking forward to joining you and Courtney live on Wednesday.Take care,all my love and respect to you always Micala XOXO XOXO.

John Grepo says:

Giaro makes sexy boots, I don’t think they are for weakling but WHOO HOO! Super sexy!

Yiorgos Kand says:

Amazing feet.

JamesGTRS 3 says:

I like the style of the gold/black but I like it up higher like the beaded one.

Nathan Zen says:

I at times take a foam insert pad, cut the toe behind the ball of the foot and fill the toe space… It keeps the lines nice and always fits more comfortable

smity1000 says:

I didn’t even know they made those to make your feet fit into the shoe! What a wonderful invention!

Chrisusa119 says:


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