Wish App Review // Wish Shoe Haul // A Very Glam Wish Shoe Haul // Wish High Heels // EXPECTATION VS REALITY SHOPPING HAUL
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I’m so excited about this Wish Shoe Haul! I’m reviewing $250 worth of shoes from Wish! It might not be Mia Maples “Very Glam Wish Shoe Haul”, but these shoes are still pretty cute! These shoes are almost all kawaii, pastel, aesthetic, pink and cute, and I think you’ll be pretty surprised by what you see.

⬇️ Check out Sam’s DIY Unicorn Slides!!! ⬇️

Keep an eye out for my upcoming AliExpress haul! Also, have a look at my Romwe haul – it’s a good one!

Shoes Mentioned:
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5:03 Rainbow Platform Slides

8:16 Black Military Boots

10:41 Pearl Embelished Flats

12:40 Silver Glitter Heels

14:59 Pink Harajuku Style Platform Sneakers

18:37 White Platform Sneakers with Rose Embroidery

21:44 Black Mary Janes

23:40 Black Thigh High Boots

25:21 Pink Pointed Toe Flats

27:30 Black Gladiator Wedges


The last pizza slice says:

Glue around shoe soles are not uncommon. Actuality very very common.

nikita timler says:

USE CODE: jfpgzvb for 50% your order 🙂

Edward Valentine says:

it makes me sad how many videos she does on this and doesn’t talk about the actual bad things about wish 🙁 secretly love watching these, but it still upsets me

Brianna Matolcsy says:

were in oz do you live im in sa

Karolina Contreras says:

Omg I love your bird he’s so funny! He’s what got me to subscribe tbh lol I should love to see a video where you wear these for a month. I’d wanna see the thigh high heeled boots, the pink sneakers, the white sneakers, and the pink pointed flats

ChocolateWitch13 says:

The fake buckles are for people with bad dexterity and numb hands, I have seen Jessica Kellgren-Fozard buy shoes with them specifically or buy them and get them put on her shoes

Tyson TheMighty says:

“Hes undressing me!” Lol

Cierra Hedgespeth says:

I think you should do a SoAesthetic or Eggie shop haul I think you’ll like them a lot. 🙂

Kaleia C says:

Is she a kpop fan

whataboutredlorry says:

I like Archies beak. It looks like candy.

D3ad L3avs says:

serving spice girls vibes

Ruth Gale says:


mokapaige says:

Hey I do lookbooks and I’d just like views ❤️

#Mermaid Slimes says:

I love your bird he is soooooooo cute!!!!

Ruth Gale says:

I want that bird so much

Angelina Dugan says:

Target is A Lot better than Walmart….better quality.

Harmony Lozoya says:

The very heavy black shoes they have them in America and they are for mainly little girls like I used to have them and I would wear those socks and I would wear them to church, parties, on easter, at wedding and they were like $12

xXAnnie's GamingXx says:

I LOVE your channel!! Also, you should make Archie an Instagram account if you haven’t already. Please relpy, thank you!❤️

LunaWitcher says:

*clicks the link*
*likes the video*
This is a man I am happy to objectify, thank you very much.

Just Niya says:

Do a Archie birthday party plez it Will be amazing

Plunder Bunny says:

I freaking adore your channel.

Harmony Lozoya says:

Why don’t you put your hair up so it won’t be in the way since u said it was so messy and so bad

miimii porras says:

The purpose of the fake buckle: some people like how buckled shoes look like but have a lot of trouble putting them on. Like my mom has a lession on her spine so she prefers something she can put on fast than being bent over for minutes buckling up shoes which hurt her back. So yeah at least that’s what I think is the purpose

Jedith85 says:

I stumbled across your channel for a wish haul binder I was on, and I love your videos! And archie is so adorable!

Eerie Corpse says:

giiirrrllll, you look so killer in black!!!

Shelbey Champagne says:

For the black boots. She said the style is wack, the sizing is wack, then Archie yelled “WAAACK” and no one noticed.

sadpapaya says:

Why are none of these comments about….. how cute Sam is. 😀 love your videos Alex! I like the new angle 🙂 <3

Ashley says:

Can you please do a killstarco haul, I know it’s not exactly your style but your reviews are the only ones I trust

Shelby Waters says:

Can you do a look book?
Once I lose my weight (70 lbs) I’m getting rid of my whole wardrobe and going pastel! Pastels make me so happy and I know wearing them I always have a good day!

Kady Russell says:

Are the rose shoes good for wide feet

Tzara86 says:

I’m here for Archie

lilly kervin says:

you sound like the vine when you’re talking about the boots WACK

Louise Cameron says:

Ily I think you’re going to be huge one day! Keep trying hard because you’re great 🙂

Cherise Holland says:

Why do u never answer your bird back

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