STILL wondering what to buy for spring 2018?

I’m sharing my favorite spring trends right now and what to shop for spring. It’s my first round up of what to wear for spring weather and and answers that year after year question: what do you wear in spring? what are the trends for spring?

Everyone wants to know what are the trends for spring so hopefully this video will help! If you want to know my fave key spring trends for 2018 and how to shop them for spring then this video is for you!!

BONUS!! At the end I do a review of the Balenciaga knife shoes and I compare them to the Topshop Juiette mules! High end versus low end – a bit controversial but hopefully the review comparing to two helps you.


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Staud Bissett Bucket bag: http://bit.ly/2BWCriG

Staud Macrame Bucket bag: http://bit.ly/2EfWTjG

Staud Macrame Bucket bag in white: http://bit.ly/2Ex25jo also in tan: http://bit.ly/2slyQef

Topshop basket bag: http://bit.ly/2EtwzTb

Nike Cortez pink sneakers: http://bit.ly/2EEGrHl

Topshop pink western style shirt: http://rstyle.me/n/cxenzvbev

Ganni western croc boots: http://rstyle.me/n/cw25xubev

Topshop Arizona Western Boots: http://rstyle.me/n/cxiceqbev

Mango gold hoop earrings: http://bit.ly/2ExoEo3

Mango twisted/irregular hoop earrings: http://bit.ly/2EsjycJ

Free People suede studded jacket: http://rstyle.me/n/cxjexebev

Free People maxi dress: http://rstyle.me/n/cxjdf7bev

Topshop Western Rhinestone jacket: http://bit.ly/2sl5cG8

Shopbop pink suede mules: http://rstyle.me/n/cxek89bev

Topshop Juliette Purple mules: http://rstyle.me/n/cwt8tsbev

Topshop Juliette Green mules: http://rstyle.me/n/cw69k5bev

Balencaiga Knife shoes: http://rstyle.me/n/cxdd54bev

More colors in the Balenciaga shoes: http://bit.ly/2slcUQx also http://rstyle.me/n/cw69e4bev

Topshop yellow tint sunglasses: http://rstyle.me/n/cxj32qbev


MY BLOG POST LISTING BEST SPRING PIECES: http://wheredidugetthat.com/2018/02/11-spring-trend-pieces-need.html



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H Zeringue says:

Oh I forgot!! I dont like Mules!!! they flipped off my foot one time then a 2nd time many years ago and will never buy mules again , bout broke my ankle and Love a sling back Good Choice!!!xoxo

Nancy Fielden says:

No and no. The Balenciaga are the better ones but will last about five minutes on the streets.

Anne Dycus says:

No comparison. Balendiaga’s hands down. Others look clunky by comparison. Color is awesome on the topshop. But no comparison.

Shannon Jessica Cochran says:

Too bad that lovely emerald green doesn’t come through on camera exactly. Love the emerald color however for me such a huge difference in price point would be a big issue and probably because of this and how close they are in style I would say the purple beautiful color great price but taking into account the fit you may be more pleased with the ones that fit you properly. Love both but if you are ok on spending that amount for a shoe that looks so close in style to one a fraction of the price then stick with the ones that fit correctly. Shame dont come in just half size bigger. I’ll take the purple ones tho. That’s my price point. I’m with those all the way. Especially the very distinctive colors not like you will be able to wear them constantly like your go to shoe. I wish I had u tube fam to come out and say ok which should I wear…. I only have my husband who answers without even looking lol.

Rosalind Mason says:

I first got into Cuban heel ankle boots and vintage inspired boots over  4 years ago when I started following you! I still love them so much even though my favourite cowboy ones are looking a bit grubby!

mizzmolly says:

Keep the Balenciagas. You’ll be able to wear them until you’re 90 years old. They’re extremely flattering.

Emer mc cormack says:

Hi Karen I prefer the topshop shoes. But my husband prefer the Ballenciaga ones.

Mary K A says:

Geeezzzz what is to compare…both Balenciaga AND Topshop….

Nubianette says:

I don’t usually wear dresses. I’m a bit long waisted, and my waist doesn’t go in very much, so I only buy drop waisted dresses. I haven seen any for a long time. Hmmm…I might need that dress.

urban2country says:

Karen< I love your take on western boots. I am from and currently live in Texas and we wear boots with dresses, shorts, skirts, anything! The children come to school in western boots and tutus. It's a Texas thang! Love you. Your are the only clothing stylist that I watch. Hugs from TX!

Robyn Webb says:

The purple ones looks very becoming

Doogy Dog says:

the dress at 8:10, OMG, please! how do they keep coming up with these gorgeous designs. I love your boots that you shortened, i wish everything in my closet was an item I would wear and wear and wear. I actually preferred the Topshop on you, I think the absence of the bow just gave it a less distracted look.

Pamela Coughlan says:

I was hoping you bought the blue ones

melody guy says:

Great video as always Thanks 🙂 Also just FYI for anyone looking for the red bucket bag its back at top shop for $55 just got mine.

Pamela Coughlan says:

Karen, Hope you keep the Emerald green ones

Bob Bob says:

TIP FROM A GUY, if you want to impress us guys wear high heels with a strap and buckle but keep it simple

Mary K A says:

I am a size 10 as well and my heel often hangs over the edge of the 40 and some 41’s. I cannot do a heel hanging over….so Balenciaga it is!! Both pairs absolutely spectacular!!!!

fine9ja says:

I NEED, I MUST have that dress from free people. The price is not bad compared to a shirt by them lol. If it comes to my store for cheaper I will let you know.

sn12 says:

ummm both!!!

Jennifer Vanessa says:

Return both and wait to see if Steve Madden (or another shop) comes out with similar mules. I like the colour of the Topshop mules better (goes lovely with your skin tone), just my opinion! Love your channel! Xoxox

Paula Brentz says:

Love this so much!!!!

Maya Labey says:

Keep the purple ones, GORGEOUS on your feet !!

marysol cranston says:


KarenBritChick says:

Hey my loves!! Here’s my first video on what to buy for spring!!!! Stay around for the end!!!  Instagram followers asked me to compare the Balenciaga and Topshop shoes so I hope it helps!  Question: Which shoes do you prefer???

Tonya & Sean says:

They’re both cute!

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