Valentino Shoe ( Classic Slingback, Pumps, Flats ) Review

My Detailed Valentino Rockstud Shoe Review on my blog:

My top 5 most favourite Valentino Shoes:




Hilary810 says:

I like your video:) You are very pretty and kindful. But I have something to tell you. I can’t hardly hear your voice when I tuned average volume… please volume up in the video;)

Kat Tam says:

Use the cap of a marker or a candle to rub the inside edge of the shoes

Selie H.V.D.M says:

I love Valentino, Beautiful shoes……xoxoxoxoxo

To Universe With Love says:

About the painful flats, its not just you. There is a general consensus that the flats are more uncomfy than the heels for the rockstud line. Ways to get over it : Wear a pair of socks with the flats at home for a week. If they are still rubbing, repeat for another week with thicker wool/camping socks. I can finally walk in mine. I have the rockstud cage flats in patent leather.

CCeleste says:

I like the video but the voice/volume is really low even if I turn it up. Perhaps the speaker recorder low? NCOs some parts are enco-y

Kristine Magno says:

Hello just wondering if you wanna add your collection my selling my Valentino rockstuds cage size 5.5 it’s pink color I never worn it its too tight on me .i bought at South Coast PlaZa b4 holiday

Gee says:

Love your shoes talk, plz take the hermes collection review as well

Vivian Liu says:

half size up for the flat?

Quyen Nguyen says:

Thanks so much for the informative video! I ‘ve been looking at the Valentino classic heels without straps and so far you’re the only one giving review about them! I’ve been thinking forever whether to get them as I’m not sure how comfortable/true to size they will be. I’m a true Italian size 35.

mxinwei says:

I’m not sure if the toe box of the flats is too narrow or loose enough for blisters. If it’s the former you could try shoe stretchers or wearing them a few hours daily to stretch them out. If it’s the latter I’ve read that insoles help.

shuya HU says:


shuya HU says:


No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Love the simple pumps!

YFThe says:


faune says:

Love this! I really love the way you talk as well as it sounds so gentle. Keep it up!

Ocean Dai says:

I always enjoy watching your videos but I’d love to see a greater variety of topics…

as_hs says:

I have the flats and I love them to bits. They were uncomfortable at first after a few wears I can wear them for 8 hours comfortably. You just need to break them in. Good luck!

Yanan Zhou says:

A little tip for you: wherever your foot rubs against the shoe, place tape (the transparent one you use in office) to cover that pot on your foot and you won’t feel the rub anymore. This trick saved several pairs of my designer shoes and has worked wonders. Hope that helps.

bimblaq says:

i have a different experience with sleigh backs, they hurt a lot.. especially the patterned leather ones:(
P.S. usually i would bring my shoes to a “cobbler shop” & get the edges stretched if that makes sense. they use a hammer & some other stuff.. i must admit it doesn’t stretch that much, but it will become less painful.

Karen Lie says:

I coat the insides of new shoes with a layer of olive oil overnight before wearing them. olive oil soften the leather. when I wear them, I coat them with olive oil again. the cons of doing so is if u dun wear your shoe often, it might turn moldy but u could wipe it off. the second is the oily feeling. I have been using this trick for over a decade.

Bebe R says:

Beautiful shoes…Spray some alcohol on the pressure points…also wear some tiny band-aids… :)..

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