Valentino Rockstud Unboxing | Arabella Golby

Hello hello hello!
How are you all? Today it’s a very exciting unboxing – the first of its kind for me! I really hope you enjoy it 🙂 If you like it I’ll definitely try and do some more unboxy-type videos!
Lots of love,
Arabella x

Same top in ivory:

Slate Blue Kitten Heels:
Slate Blue High Heels:

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Eva Dudasova says:

I got my “kittens” in purple in farfetch sale for 420 euros, thank you for inspiration!

Tara Evans says:

As much as I’m not a fan of kitten heels I feel like these totally get away with it and look gorgeous!

Ayuthia_net says:

Love the shoes, their color is awesome! I don’t understand why people hate kitten heels so much, I have a bad knee and I the highest heel I can wear is 8cm (and for short periods of time). Kitten heels are really pretty when you want that “stiletto” vibe without hurting yourself anymore (almost all my shoes have kitten heels). I bought two Valentino Rockstud (black + nude, all bordeaux), both with kitten heels and both really beautifull. They are comfortable enough for wearing them all day long, so to those who doesn’t like them, they don’t know what they are missing. Enjoy your pretty shoes!!!

Life as Isabelle says:

How beautiful! Another great video 🙂

Fran B says:

Lovely, good choice!! Xx

Hannwinn says:

What a beautiful colour! I really enjoyed this, would definitely like more unboxing videos, I wish I could do them on my channel but I don’t have the budget right now xx

39abc93 says:

why are people so rude and disrespectful, these shoes look gorgeous on you and if you like them that’s all that matters. no need to ruin someones enthusiasm over a purchase on the internet…

sajero2 says:

I love those! I would get the kitten heels too due to old foot injuries. They’re still stunning!

Ana Stevenson says:

I think you’ve made such a good decision! You’ve chosen a pair of shoes that were exactly what you wanted (iconic yet unique in colour – not to mention that I personally think that they are very you!), you took into the account your comfort and what you’d get from them. I think that this is the best way to go when investing in something like this, so don’t apologise for picking what’s best for you just because some people are not happy with it! And I hope you get well soon, fingers crossed it’s a pain that will be over soon! xx

Laura Charlotte says:

Those shoes are gorgeous and very you! I see little point in getting the high heels to please others and inflict pain upon yourself. Excellent choice all around, lovely xx

Stu cumins says:

They are gorgeous Arabella! Love the unique colour and the way they look on your feet. The nude straps are the perfect nude for your skin colour. As for the heels, you’ve made a wise choice there also, as they are a good height for walking and preventing joint damage in the future. I have a few friends who sold their high heeled Rockstuds as they found them a pain to walk in for any distance, only to buy them again in the smaller heel. So there you go! Hoping your foot issue sorts itself out soon. Your top looks lovely by the way. Regards, Deb

bourneleader96 says:

How are kitten heels disgusting?? Haha, why would someone feel so passionately about heel size? I prefer higher heels, but I have a pair of vintage inspired heels that are kitten and I love them! Great shoes!

Debra Beck says:

Love a kitten heel, pinup sexiness! Xx

M&T Beauty says:

I know exactly what you mean about getting shoes recognisable designer. Btw lovely choice of colour so pretty

MissBeau2ful says:

i dont judge you at all for buyying recognizable designer as us girls do not have that much money all the time to buy designer! also, love the shade as it makes the shoes really classic

Tracey Barrett says:

Love your shoes and love kitten heels xx

rosecolouredglasses says:

Enjoyed hearing your thought process. Once upon a time, kitten heels were below 2″. Crazy right?

Jackie says:

Beautiful shoes! very classy and practical <3 Enjoy!

Connie Nutter says:

Lovely video. The shoes are such a pretty color. I hope you enjoy them.

S Z says:

I’ve never really cared for the rock stud style; but I have to say what a fab choice on the color! It’s a great neutral that I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear with different outfits. Awesome choice! 🙂

Yun Fan says:

You shouldn’t have to apologise for choosing what works for you. The facts those people who critique on the heels is a bit strange to me. You have a medical condition and you never should need to just purchase things to make others happy. Glad you had that sorts and I think these heels look awesome on you! Ps. You only make video once a week?

Dervla McDonnell says:

Would love to see a lookbook with these! Gorgeous choice of shoe. I am also a person who can’t really wear a heel over 3″ – it is unbelievably painful, and impossible beyond 1 hour of wear. I think the kitten heels look gorgeous! I also think kitten heels have more of the classic feel that goes along with your style.

Catherine Garvin says:

I love kitten heels and I love your new shoes. Bravo.

Antonella Lazzarin says:

You’re amazing! I really love your videos!

bellafiore28 says:

love you sister

enchanteddiana says:

i really don’t understand the hate that kitten heels get. i’ve had two pairs of kitten-heel shoes and wore them to death, while my standards high heels are basically just props. i adore your shoes! i think they will go perfectly with your style and you made the right decision. i would probably go for black because most of my clothes are black. i definitely think they are another classic and won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Heidi says:

where are your actual earrings from? they are really beautiful

Adaora Soludo says:

Great choice, love the colour! I actually just did a review on the rock studs as well. Great video x

Elena Isabelle says:

oh they are so beautiful. i really want them to be my bridal shoes one day.

Becky Rollins says:

Yes ! Styling vid please! I too get criticized for wearing ‘granny’ kitten heels but comfort is my first priority.

Samina X says:

Sadly hate the colour

McSheee says:

The shoes are beautiful!! I am with you with on the kitten heel, I think they’re lovely!

Kara 1818 says:

Kitten heals all the way! Lovely shoes

Elouisa M says:

Hi Arabella, loved the video as always. Just wondering do you have a job or is YouTube and your blog your job/career?

nikki e. says:

very cute shoes I would love to see a look book

Tallie83 says:

The kitten heels are more elegant, I think and really suit you xx

Chloe Faye says:

Im not usually a fan of kitten heels but these are just absolutely beautiful! You definitely made the best decision in choosing the smaller heel over the bigger heel, not only will you wear them more but you will save your feet the pain! Loved the video Arabella, cant wait to see how you style these x

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