Valentino Rockstud Slingback Heels Review (How to get discount price)

Telling you where to get discount price Valentino Rocksud heels and the review of my Valentino rockstud heels! Will show you my OOTD in the end of the video

Ruelala(get high-end product with discount price) :

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PoPo Yung says:

Hello pretty I enjoy a lot of your videos about the Valentino shoes as I’m going to buy my first pair so I’m kind of struggling to choose the colour. I really love the red pair one you got its simply gorgeous and elegant but I don’t know if it is easy to match most of the outfits cause I quite like wearing bright colours. Or should I choose the metallic or the black one?Would you mind to give my some fashion opinions?Thank you gorgeous:) says:

Your presentation is great, the red Valentinos fit you excellent and your female
appearance is more than gorgeous. GRATULATION.

tvoyage says:

It’s fall of 2015 when will this ugly fucking shoe die!!!!!!!!!! Been seeing stupid bloggers talk about this and wear it since 2013. Enough #GOMI

bobbiech02 says:

Hi! How tall are you? I’m only 5ft so I’m afraid that the straps going all the way above the ankles might make me look shorter than I already am. Hope to heat from you soon! 🙂

Rymusette says:

Hello ! I juste discovered your channel ! I loved the video and I am so obssessed by theses shoes 8
I live in France and I would like to order them but I can’t find them in the website ruelala. Is there someone to help me please ? I want to buy them soooooo far.
Thank you so much for your answer.

Stella A says:

Lovely video. Both are fantastic but I love the lighter pink colour. Enjoy. X

Puretulip says:

OMG! I want these!

G U says:

lol whoa that box is so huge. thanks for the review. the shoes are rly pretty.

mrsbibilove says:

they look super good on you!! great video i would love to pick up a pair one day too. your videos will be the cause of my shoe obsession!! hehe

kvloveslv says:

I love both but the pink is my favorite.

yourcherie says:

Omg you’ve opened up my horizon! Thanks for such a great website, I just signed up! I’ll be on the lookout for those rock studs!! Thanks!

Touch of Blush says:

Great review! If any of you are interested in how to style Valentino Rockstuds check out our channel!

Wonderwoman2014 says:

right coka rabbit youve got me craving for these shoes! Ive wanted them for god knows how long but right now Im dying lol! the pink I like better although the red are pretty, Im quite tall so the heel height looks perrrrrfect! thank you for sharing xx

Ada Solly Styling says:

Loved how you filmed outside. Outfit is gorgeous.

cocacola988 says:

Do they ship to Canada? ThankU for sharing

Duchess of Fashion says:

Wow 2 pairs of Valentino’s, lucky girl! 

browniegay says:

i tried to get two pairs but the nude sold out.

Tonya Hyman says:

I like the pink ones but both are HOT.

Olga B says:

I love Valentino

李派派 says:


kvloveslv says:

I love these shoes! Thank you for the tips! Love ur channel.m

Chloe Salomon says:

Hi, thx for the review ! Can’t find the Rocketed on rue lala 🙁

Nancy Araujo says:

Congrats hun! Beautiful ValentinoS ♡ (:

withlovechelly says:

You look so pretty in your OOTD ♥

Ruselle Alinea says:

Do you need to go 1/2 or 1 size up? Thanks

arentUlovely says:

Nice shoes, and that dress is gorgeous!

Ella May says:

Gorgeous heels <3 They look great on you!!!

TheWashingmachinegun says:

hi thanks for the review! it looks gorgeous on you. =) i’m thinking of getting one as well but i’m not sure whether to get one strap or double straps. which one do you recommend?

Ada Solly Styling says:

Love love your shoes. The pink are my favourite. Ooh la la. so nicely packed.

Jess Simmons says:

What websites did you use? I can’t figure out how to spell them, thank you!

BubblegumPOPOPOP says:

do u think these would look good on slightly wider feet than normal? not very wide, just a bit wider than normal feet haha

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