Valentino Rockstud | NOT WORTH IT!

Review and Unboxing on Valentino Rockstud shoes – review, sizing, price and ARE THEY WORTH IT? I also have a 10% coupon code that you can use to get them at a discount when purchased from Farfetch. I have the Valentino Rockstud 100mm (that’s a 4 inch heel).

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J Kk says:

so true i bought two pair s and totally regret buying them! the insoles of one of them have come out after three uses indoors for little amount of times. The second pair seems like the glue is barely holding on after one use. The leather is super cheap and thin. The shoes look like they have been worn 50 times. I will probably never shop at valentino again. The quality is disgusting and I wish I had watched this before purchasing them.

E Johansen Newhavenpublishing says:

I got a Valentino handbag last summer. Gorgeous BUT the leather has started to wear very quickly…disappointed

doofus dork says:

they are the sexiest shoes, most comfortable and get compliments from men and women.  soooooo worth every penny.  louboutins are so uncomfortable….

Harper Slaterr says:

I bought the flats (black with white t straps) on sale last december and they’ve been great. I think the sizing is a bit weird, but the shoe quality is still good. I got them for around £440.

Rian Bohol says:

If I was gonna but shoes that pricey I want the quality to be up to par.. This shoes is not worth it.. Thanks for the info. I have wanted to buy this shoes but now not really..

Andy Mai says:

can you gave me this heel for free i need it for my model picture

shewasunderwhelmed says:

thanks for this honest review – i’ve had the kitten heel height ones on my list for a while as my first designer shoe purchase. i’m sorry to hear that you’re not super satisfied but appreciate you saving me the $! good point about the lack of elastic on the sling back! btw found your channel today, watched a ton of your videos, really enjoy your vids you are really charismatic

farah543211 says:

Hi how did you protect the soles for these? Xx

teekayno14 says:

I just found your channel today and I can’t stop watching. Subscribe!!!!!!

Shaneela Zaheer says:

hi sophie I recently started watching your videos,, you seem so sweet and down to earth, its so refreshing to see. <3

tahir mohammed says:

i ended up stepping on someone Valentino yeeks she was so not happy i might have damaged the studs lol

patr70 says:

I Love your LANVIN heeled Boots you showed in another video.

Nelltorious Nation says:

Hey Sophie love you and David to bits. I got them in the nude patent all over. The noir style comes in all the colours and no damage so far. They are now £650 though, however they are a self gift lol xoxo

peter petrr says:

no furniture haha
to poor to furnish

Jackie Bao says:

are you sure these are authentic? My valentinos never had any problems of peeling and the leather actually feel very durable, almost stiff at first

0433elva says:

thanks love~

MS CM says:

For that kind of should at least last for 5-7 years. I rather buy a bag rather than a pair of shoes.

Djoudie Alexander says:

saw an another beauty vloger that had her pair totally distroyed the heals the front for 2 weeks wear!
so yeah valentino is just stealing people with these shoes!

Flower Lv says:

In Canada it cost $1040.00 I buy 2year a go . Now it cost more .

Khaleda Belle says:

Hey doll just came across your channel, i only just got a pair for my birthday 2days ago till have not worn them.. god dam they are pricy aren’t they? I do love Louboutin’s X

notconvincedgranny says:

For that amount of money, those things should last like rhino hide.

kseniaandrea says:

I work in Valentino, Copenhagen. The 10 cm. heel model (which you have) is true to size. You should’ve purchased 39,5, as you initially were going to… The length of the shoe should align with the length of your foot – size 40 is visibly too long for your own feet.

The only reason you should ever go up in size with this model is if your foot or ankle is too wide for the straps to close up – and even in this case you shouldn’t go more than half a size up! If it still doesn’t fit, your feet are simply not built for a strappy heel like this one.

The proportions of this shoe are calculated to fit the foot snuggly, thus maximising comfort (it’s the entire purpose of the straps). A whole size bigger than what you usually wear *will not* fit snuggly and the shoe will not feel stable on your feet, as it should.

This is why it’s important to go to a physical boutique when purchasing expensive shoes – you can’t rely on subjective blogger/vlogger opinions on the internet to guide how a shoe will fit *your* feet.

I would never purchase a high end shoe online, if I hadn’t physically tried on the exact same model and size first, no matter the discount – nor would I advise anyone to. Always go to the official purveyor of the product for in-depth expertise and advice on a particular high end product that comes in various sizes.

Roony says:

it’s very expensive

Gia Kaur says:

Sorry but I love these each to their own

Sherina Gurung says:

i got this shoes 5 pair in different colour. really beautifull.

MsJlaw13 says:

Great review!

Joshua Ferguson says:

Hey Sophie! I placed an order on Farfetch using your code and saved $44! Great deal! Love your channel!

Linds Tee says:

my sister bought these yesterday in a cream colour instead of black. pricey imo, but she loves them so it’s cool. 🙂

1 1 says:

I have the same exact sandal and also went for patent cause the leather is so gentle, they are very comfortable. I also have flat rockstud sandal made fully from non patent leather and they got destroyed in one season, even under my feet the leather on the sole got rubbed off lol

beautyplayground says:

They are so cute but I can’t stand pointy tips..ugh.

xy ft says:

Are you a trust fund baby?

Anaksunamun _ says:

That’s why I only spend money on handbags…. for shoes I only buy the similiar ones.

philip baker says:

can i have your pair of valition rock and studs

Dominique Shoshan says:

i hate seeing things in euros and think its a great price then covert it to dollars and i cry.

deerclaudia says:

It’s weird cause I owned 2 pairs of Valentino heels and they’re both true to size! (I’m size 6)

Charlotte Malone says:

Hey! Thank you for the code, I just got some chloe flats that I’ve been lusting after for months and saved myself $50!

Marc says:

These things happened to my man sneakers to

tanja tvd says:

you are the second youtuber saying that, which I follow of course and believe, so I’m so glad I didn’t get on that train.
also, I feel everyone literally everyone nowadays wears them, real and fake alike, it’s so boring.

Amy Cummins says:

I have the hot neon pink ones

Bethany Calvert says:

You HAVE to check out “Kaitlyn Pan” rockstuds on Amazon! They are IDENTICAL to Valentinos. People have pics of them side by side and you cannot tell the difference. There’s tons of reviews. They’re made of real leather and only $100. A tenth of the price and more comfortable.

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