Valentino rockstud dupes that look authentic (The BEST!)

Valentino rockstud dupes that look authentic. Want the Valentino rockstud heels without paying $1k? I found the best Valentino rockstud dupes on the market. I am comparing the Valentino rockstud heels to the Valentino rockstud dupes (that totally look authentic). The Valentino rockstud shoes are my absolute favorite designer heels they are so comfortable and totally worth the money. However, I know that many people don’t want to spend $1000 on a pair of designer shoes so I found you a pair that costs $113 and they look so good! Let me know what you think!

Valentino rockstud dupes:
Valentino rockstuds authentic:

Yellow dress I’m wearing (similar):

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Helen Hibbs says:

I have both. I wear my Valentino’s for special occasions and my dupes as a more regular everyday item.

Nyeema Johnson says:

Thanks for posting this review. I’m planning to save and purchase the dupes in the flat version.

A K says:

Might have purchased the leopard ones…bc why not!? This was even better than advertised via text.

Rosa Tedesco says:

Hi i love this dupes videos i wish u can do chanel bags gucci … question…. the heel dupe is the same high as the valentino ? And what about the gold studs same color ? Please respond to me …. thank u

TeShan Shields says:

Hi! Thought about purchasing Valentinos for Christmas, but this may now be an option. Question, do you mix gold and silver? I tend to wear more white gold/silver. The gold studs (that I love) were keeping me from purchasing this shoe.

Licensed and insured A says:

I have such an obsession with the V rockstuds shoes , out of all the designer shoes at saks I go to the rockstuds like a moth to light, what a beautiful shoe. I have two pairs and I have 6 pairs of the Bcbg Darron and Bcbg Niro, I went to an office BLD and my heel feel into a crack of my originals and I scuffed it so bad, so now I wear the Bcbg almost more than my V’s unless it’s a nice date night. Loved your find ❤️ love your Channel ❤️

Cheffrey Boynkins says:

I’m in Portland right now where there is no sales tax as opposed to Seattle where I live and I am torn between the black rockstuds and the new seasons bronzy gold. So torn.

Janet Tezcan says:

Really nice dupes!

miss melmel says:

good to see a comparison video! thank you!

Lady B says:

I have 3 pairs of Rockstud dupes that I got from BCBG and I love them. I also have a pair of the real deal that I got from Bluefly at a 58% discount……score……tfs

Jennifer Blue says:

I am definitely going to buy the dupes and put my savings toward a bag!!! Thank you!

Accounting For Fashion says:

Great comparison of the dupe to the original. I might just get a dupe one 🙂

V T says:

I agree with many that luxury handbags is great but I just can’t bring myself to even think about ruining luxe Shoes… so yes I have dupes shoes!

fission mailed says:

I cannot fathom spending $1k on designer shoes – I would be too scared to ruin them! So I’m definitely going with the dupes!

Michael Tedesco says:

Hi good review ….. is the heel exactly the same height as the Valentino’s ….? And what about the gold stubs are the same gold color ?

Lizbeth Terriquez says:

I own the dupes and love them, where is your dress from?

Marimel Aponte says:

I’m one of the gals that owns both, I wear my Valentino’s for nights out and my dupes for everyday; while most people may feel that’s silly, I work in downtown Miami and the streets are so awful that your shoes get easily ruined.

Myfavoritethings says:

I tried these shoes and had to return them because they were a little too narrow for my feet – I have a bump by my pinky toe….. I wonder if the authentic Valentino is a little wider…….. By the way, I just tagged you on “Luxury Items I thought I Would Never Buy Tag”. 🙂

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