Unboxed It… But How Was It? Ft Chanel, Dior, Gucci

Hi guys I have a mini review and comparison that I have put together for you. I get asked a lot about these items so I thought I would share my thoughts in a video. As always I thank you guys so much for watching and all of the support. I will see you guys real soon in the next video!

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sharon barnes says:

Standing by girl for your videos love them

Mybagoftheday says:

Thank you for great content again! I have collected handbags for over a decade, but only recently spending money on (don’t consider it investing in) designer shoes. Which shoes do you think are essential in a collection?

modelchickny says:

Great video! TFS

R says:

Love it! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo

Latisha Cross says:

I love love your hair!!!

Lanier Smith says:

I am going to get dinner and watch this on my big TV…I know it’s gonna be great!! Big HUG gorgeous!

April Wangstrom says:

I would love to see a sneaker collection/comparison. I’m wanting to get either the gucci ace or the LV Front row. I have the Steve Madden mules and I have worn them a ton, and they don’t look to bad. I know everyone says the Gucci ones wear fast, I think that’s why I just can’t do it yet.

cwm53 says:

Love the Chanel slingbacks. So classic and chic. Enjoy!

TheBargainDistrict says:

you look amazing! great collection.

The StyleSynonym says:

I have a pair of the Gucci Princetowns in satin and, to me, they are not nearly as comfortable. But my leather Princetowns are my favorite in my wardrobe. That and the Chloe Susannas. I need to wear my Chanel slingbacks more. They are beautiful! They hurt my wide feet, though, but I think I just need to break them in. Those Chanel slides are so pretty. Thank goodness they are no longer available!

pursediva says:

Hey Max, can I steal that quote “shoes are the anchor of the outfit”, preach sista!

BAW94001 says:

another great video. Hope you are having a great start to the year

SamSoPretty says:

Max you are an icon! I’m curious, What is on your 2018 luxury wishlist? (His & hers would be delicious as well!)

Donna M says:

Thanks for sharing, Your videos are very informative ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gail Whisby says:

Love this video ❣️

CC Libre says:

Would love to see the same outfit but with different versions of the shoe to see which looks better !!!

Wongalee Waller says:

Great video! Can you show the items on, give the price and the size? Thanks

Lifeplasty says:

I am now unsure about the Gucci slides…thank you for this fab video!

Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell says:

Like the hair…like this haul it how was it…

dancingdohl says:

I had to go up 2 sizes for the Princetowns and I thought I looked ridiculous. My feet aren’t wide, but I have a high instead, got the brown Jordaans instead. However, even those took some breaking in because of my instep

zandra perry-ogbomo says:

Hi Max!!! I’m new to your channel. So happy to have found you. Will definitely keep watching.

CocoPink44 says:

did you have to go up 1/2 a size in the Chanel slingback?

Nicole Novo says:

STUNNING Chanel slingbacks! GORGEOUS Dior J’Adore heels! BEAUTIFUL Chanel loafers! FLAWLESS Gucci loafers! I enjoy your videos. They’re always fun, entertaining, and exciting. You look BREATHTAKINGLY RADIANT! 🙂

Puppy Toes says:

Love the shoe videos but I am fascinated by your popcorn machine in the background, lol. I love popcorn.

Skinny Legend says:

Love love love your fashion sense. I just bought the door sling backs and im so excited ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

April Driven 4Success says:

I appreciate your videos… I learn so much from you

Lovie Iamhere says:

Appreciate your honest feedback. A SR talked me out of Chanel slingbacks. I agree it is a classic and can be worn well into 40’s and up!

Brown Mellow says:

You look radiant and healthy. Please keep the detailed analysis coming, they are very helpful when considering investment pieces

Jackie Brown says:

Maxine what’s your thoughts on the Manolo blahnik hangisi

HappiGyrl says:

First: Your hair is off the charts cute
Second: Your shoe game is sick
Third: Your overall look is crazy amazing!!!
Fourth: Thank you for dropping knowledge

ExcellenceinSpirit says:

I had the very problem that you stated with the Gucci slides, unfortunately. I intend to try the loafers as an alternative. Thank you for sharing. Very informative.

SomethingNeat AndChic says:

Great video…love the Chanel and Dior pumps. Thanks for sharing.

Keira Marie says:

I love the look of the Gucci overall

Irma Lanaro says:

Love how you say ” Put a Hurtn’ “on the shoes…Thanks for posting…Love the Hair…

Bdeezy1953 says:

The streaks are back and fabulous!

Angela Allen says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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