NEW NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks: Review & Lip Swatches!

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Shades Mentioned in the Video (in order of appearance):
1. Stone Fox
2. Life’s A Beach
3. Cherry Skies
4. Soft-Spoken
5. Orange County
6. Sway
7. Sandstorm
8. Pink Lust
9. Tea & Cookies
10. Amethyst
11. Kitten Heels
12. Vintage

What I’m Wearing:
Eyes: Morphe Eyeshadow Palette in 35T
Lips: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage
Cheeks: Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Your Love is King
Nails: American Apparel Parakeet
Lashes: Velour Lashes in Girl, You Craazy!

FTC: I purchased everything mentioned in this video with my own money. All opinions are my own.


Sheena Chand says:

So I had extremely bad luck with the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes, mainly because I could not find them anywhere *.* Time to give these bad boys a try!

Butterflylady2986 says:

Everyone and their mother is in love with the ofra liquid lipsticks, could you do a review? with so many on the market, I don’t get tired of seeing these vids and would love to make an informed choice!

jvega0589 says:

I love your lip swatch videos, never stop! From your description of these lipsticks they sound very much like the Sephora brand long wear matte lip creme. Have you tried them? Those never fully dry and will transfer when you eat or drink but they last pretty long. I’ve gone about 8 hours without reapplying with those if I’m not eating in between. Thanks for the video, can’t wait for the next one!

The Daniel Family says:

Never get tired of lipstick reviews/swatches – never will. Especially enjoy yours as we always get the best most thorough reviews be it liquid lipsticks, shadows, etc. as always thanks for all the work u put into ur vids! I often don’t buy without checking to see if u have given your thoughts on whatever it is that I’m looking to purchase I’m a high end makeup lover but I am trying to branch out to see what drugstore has nowadays that have improved But u look lovely in these tho I will likely pass Might pick up w couple if in stock when I’m in ulta next tho. That cherry skies and soft spoken is lovely! . Thx!

Cristadel S says:

You have the best and legit lipstick swatches and lipstick reviews on YouTube. The best quality and content! Thanks for doing this Eshani! I just love your videos!

Kimberly Pearson says:

I bought one of these last week, not a big fan. Kind of sticky even after they dry down. I have only used it once, but I will try it again and see how it feels.

Tabitha Craft says:

This is the most thorough review I’ve seen on these so far, and I appreciate that a lot. Thanks for the honesty and the helpful info!

Trishna Chandarana says:

I think I’m good with you continuing on the liquid lipstick review train indefinitely ^^ I trust your opinion more than most people on youtube 🙂

Asmi says:

You are seriously the best unbiased reviewer! And no I will never get tired liquid lipstick reviews. Matter of fact, I wanted to know your views on Rimmel provocalips liquid lipstick 🙂

kaju322 says:

Ur reviews are amazing Ishani….i have bought a bunch of lip products after seeing ur positive reviews and loved all of them…thanks for the honest reviews…sad part is i really wanted milani liquid lipsticks but cannot find them in any walgreens 🙁

salema bibi says:

Continue, continue, continue reviews on lippys…. Please

Marissa Fahsbender says:

can you review the styli-style liquid lipsticks please

BeautyChemCam says:

There’s too many great colors. xD I can’t buy all of them…

Zovesta Storm says:

Always review liquid lipsticks!! Thank you so so much for getting them all and reviewing them, you’re so wonderful! <3 Your reviews are so in depth. I was considering these, definitely know to stay away now. Thanks! Cherry Skies, Kitten Heels, and Tea & Cookies are my favourites on you. So disappointed with the formula because Orange County and Kitten Heels look so great...

MissShay0210 says:

I purchased Vintage and Tea & Cookies when they launched. Love them both. Vintage looks great on you. Thanks for an honest and great review.

withramya says:

Tired??? No way!! Love these reviews


my gosh i LOVE the way you talk ahahahah so precise and clear! hahaha

Kuhu says:

Very nice review

Amy K says:

I love your channel so much, Eshani! Even though you aren’t a full time YouTuber, you put up such quality content! I always wait for TotalMakeupJunkie101 to give a product the “thumbs up” before I purchase it! #snapchatshoutout

Chay Lucero says:

I’m so glad I found your channel! I was just doing my daily Youtube watching, this was a very great and informative review! Definitely changed my mind about buying since these have a tacky feeling. Definitely subscribed. 🙂

anjali says:

Vintage looks so good on you Eshani! Actually, they all looked pretty good on you, you pulled off Amethyst so well! Wasn’t a huge fan off the colours in the soft matte lip cream line, so excited to grab some of these! Thanks for the review (: And I’m loving the hair in this vid!

Angela Thanasiu says:

exactly why i subscribed to you,,your so honest &your not just giving positive reviews cause u get paid from youtube or because u get free products sent to you…you don’t give mixed reviews &i respect that in a big youtuber :).  i thought the color cherry skies looked great & you and so did soft spoken CAN U PLEASE DO A REVIEW ON THE MENOW LIQUID LIPSTICKS? they are on ebay for 99 cents each and there is 38 colors.

cheenita princess says:

You look great here, so beautiful. This is my favorite look on you. ❤️❤️❤️

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