My Valentino Experience *REVIEW*

Hello Diamonds,

Just a quickie about my experience with Valentino rockstud kitten heels. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great, and neither was my experience with the Valentino staff at Harrods. Specifically one woman who I had had a bad experience with twice before, the first time she tried to pressure me into buying a colour I didn’t want and then a size which was clearly far too tight (my foot looked squashed y’all). I understand commission is important to them but I’m sure she would make more if she was nice rather than condescending and didn’t try to push sales to the point where it feels insincere.
Thats enough of a rant for one day.


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Danielle CK says:

that really sucks..high end brands’ quality just keeps going down BUT I’m can’t stop wanting them :(..I was looking at a tiny pouch for $500 in a little bigger than a credit was the last one but the leather had a giant dent..I mentioned the damage and the SA told me it wasn’t damaged, it was just natural, like people don’t have perfect skin, the cow doesn’t have perfect skin either…5 inches of leather for 500 bucks should get me some perfect skin!! like look a bit harder!…. first world problems, right? anyway I hope your next purchase is fab and that your rockstuds don’t cause any more problems for you.

twenty28 says:

Wow that’s shocking quality and service. I’ve got these on my wish list, but not sure I’ll get them now…

Christinabtv says:

Girl, I feel for you! Especially when you said you saved for so long and your parents and grandparents helped you get them! I am glad you were able to get them fixed!

Vivian Portillo says:

So bizarre… I have the Valentino rockstar noir and have not had that problem. My louboutin’s however do wear and don’t last. Luckily Nordstrom here in the U.S will return anything. And expensive doesn’t always mean they will last as with my louboutin’s which have all sucked… We pay for the name

MsAmber94 says:

Sorry to hear about your experience with these shoes. These shoes should not be doing this. I have a pair of the 100 black patent rockstuds and so far have not had the type of experience you had with the sole. Then again, I have only worn them a few times so we shall see as time goes on. I have notice some wear and tear on the sole near the toe box area. I have a feeling that I may have to get them re-soled in the next year or so. You were smart to have the rubber bottom placed on them. Talking about the price, I personally do not feel these shoes are worth the price. Here in the U.S. they retail for $995 before taxes. Interestingly, Sophie Shohet did a review on these shoes a couple months ago discussing that they are not worth it and her wear and tear with the soft leather on the back of her black patent 100s. Good luck on your rockstuds going forward!

Lovebetta says:

They put my YSL rubber sole too but Neiman Marcus is not charging anything for that and if broke just only few months they will replace it. Even one time I bought Manolo Blahnik I wore and returned it because it’s not comfortable for me. I feel so sorry to hear that.

Joan deeren says:

several people have said this about the Valentino shoes watch the video below

FUN BB says:

liked ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

kseniaandrea says:

I can’t stand when people don’t take proper care of their luxury products only to then proclaim that the item cost them a large amount of money, as if to say that a high price equals high durability in products…

It’s usually people who are *NOT* accustomed to the finer things in life who make this particular complaint, because if you know *anything* about fine, handcrafted items you’ll know that in most cases it’s the quite opposite.

It’s true in watches, it’s true in cars and it’s most definitely true in hand-assembled, Italian shoes of soft premium calf skin; the finer the technique and material, the more delicate the overall result will be! You have to be extra careful with beautiful luxury items, or else they won’t last. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp for the average consumer these days? Pure ignorance.

If our world wasn’t so obsessed with mass-production and thus increasingly cheaper products, perhaps we would learn once again how to appreciate the amount of work and talent that goes into something that wasn’t created on a Chinese assembly line from cheap, hard, plastic-like, low-quality leather. And only *then* would we re-gain our ability to be gentle towards delicate quality handcraft.

The shoe did not break from merely standing on display. This is called wear and tear. Don’t purchase a luxury item if you can’t afford it to change when exposed to your lifestyle.

Also, an advice; if it’s such a big deal for you to purchase a pair of Italian luxury shoes, why would you go for shoes at all? Jesus, if you spend such a long time saving for it and even have to have family help you out, a pair of shoes is the most impractical choice! They’re on your feet – try walking on your hands for one day and see how the skin on your hands looks afterwards. The shoes are in calf skin! It’s not much different. You should’ve saved yourself the trouble and gone for something like a purse. That’ll last longer than a pair of shoes (no matter the price tag).

Aidana Khankeldieva says:

You can try V stud flats.

COOKIE says:

I’ve heard of christian louboutins doing the same, the bottoms also get wrecked after a few hours. The only shoes I have which have lasted years are a pair of givenchy

Jackie Bao says:

if you have tried harder they would have refunded you or given you a new pair. Its partially your fault that you just did what you were told to do instead of talking to a manager or someone like that. I own many valentinos and they all have the highest quality possible, I think yours is a special case, like a defected product.

Peanut Powers says:

You are beautiful I do covers and break dance too please check out my channel

Cats says:

Thanks for your honesty. I’ve been eyeing these shoes for months. Don’t hear too many great things about them. How many more times have you worn them since the repair?Any more issues?

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