My New Christian Louboutin Kitten Heels! + Wildfox Sweater +Mason Pearson Brush 💋💋

Products and people mentioned in this video:

Zella plus size ” thumbhole” Top :

Wallpaper :

Wildfox sweater:

Mason Pearson Brush :

Mason Pearson brush ( knock off)

Christian Louboutin Gladiator Kitten Heels :,default,pd.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwtb6hBRC_57Pvyfn66LsBEiQAtlFVu2OS-o2xntjbkCXRvWgJj7Hda2vzqR4oKz8NhXkaq64aAjWY8P8HAQ

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אני מתגעגע אליך אב

Remember to always live YOUR most Glamorous Life Kat xx
(Be happy for this moment, this moment IS your life)


Tracy Saunders says:

Great video Kat once again! Love the top and the shoes! I have the top now added to my Nordstrom wish list! I find shopping is easier when you see someone else with the item! Do love the make up…you may have to list what you are wearing when you do your videos! Take care Tracy xx

Carrie Tetzlaff says:

Yes, Target DOES sell a brush that is just as good!  It is Umberto brand, I believe $12.99. Woo!

scumbagfever says:

Oh my. I MUST know where you got that beautiful cabinet!

LisaLisaD1 says:

LOVE it all, Kat!!  The kitten heels are so pretty, and I love the top you have on and the Wildfox–they look so cozy!!  Love ya!  xoxo  Lisa

keylimekisses says:

Hey kat! Love your eye look in this video you look beautiful! I wish you would have stood up to show the top you have on it looks super cute and oh lord those shoes are to die for. I can’t wait to see your Gucci war paint video I have heard a lot of good things about the new collection. great video!

Gina Marie says:

OMG…I love the pink Wildfox top!!!! So cute!

Harpnbags says:

That pink sweater is cute. I could never wear heels like that. Break my neck Lol! You look fabulous dawling!

mrsbibilove says:

loved everything. I adore kitten heels so much more practical. cant wait for the Gucci makeup!!!! xoxoox

Leisa says:

Btw I’ll be 48 in Jan & I didn’t start getting ” visitors ” on my face until I was 40 lol! Never had so much as a pimple in high school, ridiculous!

skankhunt32 says:

Hi mama!! I’m a new subbie and I LOVE your smokey eyes. Could you do a tutorial?!
Btw don’t kick yourself in the butt too much about having a cheat day once in a while. You’re gorgeous and strawberry shortcake is good for the soul 🙂 xoxo Ana

Leisa says:

I’ve been getting emails from Haute Look forever & always delete them. For some reason I didn’t think they had real quality products. I’ve purchased many things from Beyond The Rack & have never been disappointed. I’ll have to actually look at my next Haute Look mailing 🙂

Pamela W says:

You remind me of Molly McCarthy 

myPursesuitOfHappiness says:

You got some beautiful things. I love how the red wraps,around the heels on the shoes. So pretty! The wallpaper sounds really nice. I’m interested to see it all when its done. 🙂

JustDuckyy says:

i recently subscribed to you, and I love your videos! I look forward to them 🙂

KC says:

I’m honestly not trying to hate. I mean no harm to you at all, but can I just ask you why you feel the need to hate/bash so many youtubers? Honest question and I’d like an honest reply. I’ve seen you in the comments section of so many youtubers and it irks me because you ALWAYS have something negative to say.

Michelle Ferguson Sewell says:

I would love to know when Wildfox goes on Hautlelook. Thanks!!!! I love your furniture. Will you give us a tour of your room when it is finished?

Deb InPEI says:

Speaking of glory, yes mine only last for a few hours and then I’m flat lol.  The Mason brush has been around for decades and I’m currently hemming and hawing about getting it still lol.   LOVE your kitten heels, perfect. 

alj0129 says:

I am in love with those shoes!  They are perfect in every way-style and color! 

Nicholamaria says:

Hey Kat, squeeeeeeel at those shoes! Gorgeous!! Love ya girl. Xoxo

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Must be fate, I was just looking at wallpapers before I started watching your vid.  I will check that site out.


Hi gorgeous…i love kitten heels…they are the very best! And yours are fab!!! xoxo CAROL

Bonnie90505 says:

 Whoo hoo Kat..those shoes are way gorgeous!! I can see you wearing those with so many styles, dress up, dress down..I picture you in a beautiful cocktail dress with gold accents!You’ve made some good quality purchases that are investments too..that brush will last you forever..Don’t worry so much about what you ate at dinner with your friends..sometimes, we cave in, and then just start over tomorrow new..Please don’t cut your is SO beautiful. 

KeepingupwithAlysse says:

You’re so fancy, I love it! So jelly!

Cherylene says:

That is so sweet how hubby calls you juicy, i love that description and will try to use it rather than the other words.  Love the pink loose knit top, oh how I miss wearing winter clothing but not enough to move back to a colder climate lol.  That is a lovely piece of furniture behind you.
Gorgeous pair of heels :)♥

abrakadeborah says:

Your Youtube name always makes me think of this song~ Enjoy! ~  Sheila E The Glamorous Life (Music Video)
OMG! Drooooling over those heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CouponingGirl says:

Tfs, you are so pretty.

simplyme922 says:

HELLO LUSCIOUS. Nice shoes! Oh my I feel faint:)

All That Beauty With Lori says:

ahhh i need to get one of those brushes 🙂  Sounds lovely for those days i don’t shampoo my hair, and use a dry shampoo. Although i have not found a good dry shampoo as of yet. :/ I need to try a few more , and that TOP!!!!EeEe Loved it! It is hard to find some nice clothes for us plus size ladies, around here for me is terrible in this small town. You look beautiful as always Kat , and sounds like a wonderful time you had. xoxoxoxxo <3 Have a great day!

Hunnie B says:

Hey Kat…… the top you are wearing, and how cute is that pink sweater !  OMG……the kitten heels, how gorgeous.  Love your eye look today, thanks so much for sharing, enjoy your day, take care.

Lori Beth 428 says:

I am JUST getting to this video now…you look absolutely stunning OMG your eyes and hair are gorgeous and your face is lit from within…you are literally glowing. So another thing you and I have in common is our love for sushi…ok so promise me if you and Ari come to Boston we will go out for sushi…or better yet…why don’t you and Ari make a damn plan to come to Boston!!!! Come on Kat!

Laurie Richter says:

that blue/grey/black eyeshadow is wonderful on you Kat!  very B.Bardot’esque    also, you remind me of a Guess model

Night Reader says:

Girl, I am 50, and I still get pimples!!!!!! Plus, I still get my periods, I am with you. You look really nice. You did a great job covering up your blemishes- I could not tell. Great job on the videos. Write down what you ate, and then cut back the next day. Do not beat yourself up about dieting.

Heather B says:

Don’t beat yourself up over a little diet slip, you’re back on track now. First off, I want your  Beautiful!!!  I love your videos, your excitement is contagious and why wouldn’t a girl get excited over those gorgeous shoes. Looking forward to your next video.  Hugs, Heather

Nathalie TheBeautyDiva says:

Oh Kat those shoes are to die for…. just stunning.  It was so nice to see you today, I have missed you.  BTW you are looking smashing today, your eyes and hair are positively gorgeous.  Hugs & kisses, Nathalie xoxo

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