The very best and very worst of my designer shoe collection and there’s no louboutins in sight!

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Meng Amy says:

by far one of the best designer shoe review vids on youtube. THankyou

LuxBodega says:

Very helpful Lydia! May we share your video on our channel? We just launched a Designer shoe rental website for the US market in January. We think your video would be great to share to other shoe lovers. Let us know either way. By the way, shocking to see Dior patent leather not wearing as well as Valentino. We see with our rentals, the patent leather usually wears very very well. We have yet to add Dior to our line up and are glad to know the info!

Lauren Garbett says:

Hey Lydia ! Thanks for the video 🙂 I was wondering the Valentino flats you have , are they the patent or the soft leather ones? I have the pink patent ones and I struggled wearing them as they’re so hard to break in and blister my whole foot! Any tips for breaking them in? Xx

Liana Veronica says:

Lydia would you consider selling the dior heels? If so how much? Thanks my dear

Zara Kheil says:

Lydia please tell me if these giavanto rossi are true to size ?

TANIA says:

All shoes over 150 pounds should be comfortable, especially the ones you showed which hasn’t got an extreme height. Some people have to work months for getting this kind of shoes. I think I’d go crazy if I spend 700€ on a pair of shoes and they come to be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Thanks for giving your opinion about your shoes, I’ll be really careful selecting the ones are worth to me 🙂

Q & G says:

I think that Dior pair is hideous tho, anyone?

Hope says:

Great review!

MLR RLM says:

You are so pretty

Xynna says:

Hey Lydia. Have you seen the Valentino Rockstud Watercolor Ballerina flat? If so, is it limited edition? I so badly want to get my hands on ’em. Thanks hun x

sinny says:

the tan lines on her feet hehe

B E C says:

Your top link isn’t working. What’s the store name xx

Ulises Aguilar Orizaga says:

Lydia I am a new subscriber of yours! But your intros are so long!!!! Ahahaha after that everything is beautiful and great

hunohlulu says:

I saw you on recommendations and now im bingewatching your luxury collection

Bumblebee says:

what sign are you ?love you , you are so classy !!!!!!!!!!

Nikolina Todorovic says:

New subscriber here , just wanted to say what a gorgeous classy lady you are, adore your videos ! ❤️

Alina Sovane says:

man, my heart goes out to you for that last pair of shoes

SundayRuffles says:

THAT TOP !!!!!! Where can we get it??? The link is, sorry, USELESS!!

Aaliyah Klara says:

I have 3 pairs of louboutins and I love them I have no problem with them please let me know which pairs are not good in comfort mine are not torturing maybe because they are not the highest heel setting maybe that’s the one u have Lydia.

Virve Georgeson says:

I was very interested in what you had to say about how shoes fit. That is my area of invention, study and research. I have the solution to making your Dior shoes much more comfortable. You seem to have two main problems with the Dior shoes. One is your foot pressing forward into the narrow toes area that is probably contributing to you feeling the pressure points that you say you are trying to fix, and the other issue is your foot falling out of the shoes unless you wrap the ties so strongly around your ankle so it practically cuts off circulation. The shoes are unstable and likely to fall off your foot because of two other features which are the shape of the toe box (very pointed and very shallow), you can’t put much of your foot into it, and the other is the open heel area where you heel easily slides off sideways. All the issues of the Dior shoe would be the “acid test” for my newly invented high heel shoe inserts. The inserts are made from soft foam PORON that is sculpted into shapes that fit underfoot at two places in natural hollows under the middle three toes and in the hollow in front of the heel. The insert in two pieces makes it customizable in 360 degrees and to any foot length and transverse arch orientation. If you send me a request to I will send you a set of my inserts to try in your Dior shoes. It would be so nice if you could wear them in comfort.

Sarah Semsar says:

“hold on a minute, am I going to loose a foot?” Girl, we have all been there!

Misty Anderson says:

This may seem naive, but can’t you return shoes that do not fit properly or are uncomfortable? Especially for those prices? Also is there a brand that caters to wider feet or higher arches or is it just dependent on the shoe? Any response welcome. Thanks!

Dhdh Djdj says:

no try ons

10ashagirl says:

You are so gorgeous

MsGiantsrock says:

Okay, first time watching her ever, but is she NOT THE SPITTING IMAGE OF EMILIA CLARK (AKA DAENERYS, KHALEESI, MOTHER OF DRAGONS) when she laughs?!!!!????? like her smile when laughing?! so gorg

Jessie Lebrasseur says:

i have wide feet too and omg… not easy to found comfort shoe…

Shonda Younge says:

the info u provide on shoes and bags. you r so detailed and i love that bout u

Alex Ahmed says:

Hey someone why does she not like louboutins

Kevin Huang says:

shoes bag is cool!

MyBabyJax1 says:

Thank you so much for the details! you are saving me a lot of money…hehe. Love your sense of humor!

ebru uran says:

But dior shoes are sooooo cute so so cute anyway.

PlantainLady says:

What jeans are you wearing?

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