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From Valentino Rock-A-Studs, Chanel and Lacoste You can now see what completes my outfit and what shoes I have splurged on. Make sure that you check out my wardrobe tour and luxury handbag tour which was published last week – you can watch both here:

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M Y N E W B O O K : T H E $ 1 0 0 0 P R O J E C T
W H A T A M I W E A R I N G ? – C L O T H E S + M A K E U P
Diavolina Jade: No longer sold and I could not find any second hand. But here is a similar pair:
Gucci Marrakech: Secondhand here:
Valentino Rockstud Wedges – With Frills:
Similar and Budget-friendly:
Valentino Rockstud – Patent:
Valentino Rockstud kitten heel – Patent:
Valentino Rockstud Sillettos – leather:
And I may be considering these also:
Many Rockstud’s secondhand here:
Hugo Boss:
Aquazzura black strappy frills
Not in stock currently but definitely worth putting your name on the list!
And red:
Second hand:
Aquazzura Black heel –
Only a few sizes left:
And here:
Secondhand here:
Valentino Rock a stud flats-
And all black:
Secondhand here:
Gianvito Rossi Eva – Similar here:
Chanel tan with black toe Ballet flats -
Chanel Black flats –
Chanel Beige flats:
And these are so adorable:
Chanel Sandals: Can only find red- second hand:
Love the pearl details on these:
Tan sole:
Louis Vuitton. Lock It Calfskin/Metallic Flat Mule – Black:
Similar and budget-friendly:
Manolo Blahnik leopard print slides
Similar and budget-friendly:
Chanel Thin sandals Tan with pearls- Can only find grey: If anyone sees any in Beige please let me know!
Witchery Square stud thongs –
Nike Lunarglide:
Lacoste white sneakers:
Espadrilles Kenzo leather – Second hand(Pink):
Burberry Gumboots – Many styles here:
Wanted Heeled bootie –
Patent, Budget friendly and on sale:
Wanted thigh high boots – Similar:
Eyeshadow palette:
Lips: – my all time favourite lipstick
My favourite MAC products:
Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15:
Mineralize Timecheck Lotion:
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Sarah Kennerly says:

Love this! Will you do a jewelry capsule video?

FG says:

Hi from Istanbul:) I wish you showed all the shoes with what you wear them with so that we could see how you style them Can you please do that on your next videos?

Jessica Luxx says:

Hey Canna. Do you apply a capsule wardrobe approach to Rocco’s wardrobe?

Sohinee Roy says:

Please do a corporate look book – Capsule Style

P Hehle says:

Dear Canna!
Beautiful collection! Could you or someone else please tell me where the black rubber sandals are from?
Thank you!

Maria Li says:

Can you please share the details of your amazing bootmaker?

Allanah says:

I love all of your shoes ❤️ are your ballet flats breathable when it’s hot?

Lynette Hall says:

I love the dress you are wearing, can you tell me the brand please. Great shoe collection, you have such fabulous style.

Charmaine X says:

Hi, great collection I also love the Rock stud s they are like jewellery for your feet. Can you tell me who your boot ever angel is? Thank you,

Becca C says:

Great shoe collection just not sure how that many pairs of shoes is being minimalist

Diana Graham says:

Great advice for preserving ur shoes!!

Janet Leslie says:

Loved this video, love shoes, obsessed.

Lucinda Welch says:

Would love to a ‘what I wear in a work week’ video

Shukla Barua says:

Omg Olivia Palermo is my fashion icon as well. I really loved your shoe collection. It’s awesome. ❤️❤️❤️

Mio Konfedrat says:


Mybagoftheday says:

Thank you for showing us your beautiful shoe collection. I can see your collection reflects your lifestyle and where you live, as the proportion of sandals, strappy heels and heels in general is relatively high – goes with your wardrobe as you have many dresses too. I live in Scandinavia (it´s cold in here!) and I have more boots and ankle boots than any other types of shoes.

Karen Rodriguez says:

Hi…you didn’t mention the brand for the knee high boots..can you please share?

Debbie Bateman says:

love them all! beautiful tastes per usual

n h says:

3:33 how i wished to see them how they look like on your feet,…..i slept dreaming of that…..

Life is beautiful says:

You inspired me to save at home!

Leslie Carnes says:

Lovely! And I like how disciplined you are to only buy in your color pallet.

C R G says:

Bootmaker? Do you not use the term cobbler in Aus?

lmi747 says:

Nice! I would love to see a before and after of the Chanel ballerinas and the boot maker cleaning up/refurbishing process.

Laundry Zoo says:

In usa we have a slang term called “label whore” and this means women or men who buy expensive brands for the self esteem boost. It is a form of elitism. I have a few designer pieces… We all fall for status symbols at some point. I like pleasing myself by acquiring items of fashion and beauty. But seriously… There ARE many shoemakers that have a very similar style and quality without the price gouging.

Susanna Kapteinis says:

I absolute love love love your collection but I feel for most its not very attainable. I agree with quality over quantity as well. I was really looking forward to seeing your collection and finding what brands you trust. For me though, quality has been shopping at wittner or dkny rather then say shoes from Kmart. Even with a combined income over 250k I couldn’t imagine or probably afford buying several shoes at the $1k mark and then actually wearing them out. I would love to see something more focused at the ‘average’ person, don’t get me wrong, I have shoe envy and even added a pair to my wish list 🙂

flamingopink9 says:

Beautiful shoes! Love your channel!

Michela Rosier says:

❤❤❤❤❤ the idea of your shoes collection. Yes. I’m looking forward for the new videos as well. Thanks.

Viorika Iliy says:

Thanks for a great video, Canna. I absolutely agree on buying less but better quality!
What eye shadows are you using? Clicked on the links but they don’t seem to work… Thank you.

Charmaine X says:

Should read bookmaker angel is

TheChicandCheapBlog says:

100 cm equals a meter which equals 3-4 feet I think you meant 100 millimeters = 10 cm .
Your shoe collection is to die for . Practical and super chic.

The Evolving Mum says:

Quick question, what do you mean by getting the tip and toe fixed…

nycovergirl says:

I have the black V wedges n am saving for the nude. They are worth it.

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