Loool I’ve hated kitten heels from the day my mum brought me some from new look. THEY WILL NOT COME BACK INTO FASHION I REBUKE IT!!!


PS: Thank you everyone for watching I can’t express how thankful I am for every single of you! ❤️


Ishieka Morris says:

Rhea Ellen we are no longer friends! How you gonna clown my shoes girl! LOL.

JC LovesU says:

No, but you actually make my day. Your funny, you remind me of some of the girls that I grew up with in Hackney

Olaoncé Carey says:

The sound you made of feet spreading in ballet pumps was so accurate I’m screaming

Montaha Idris says:

The three that unliked wear kitten heals on the weekends and flats on weekdays

Ben Hutchins says:

This girl supa fine and as nuts as a hater

Anita Ossorio says:

The kitten heel boot Naahhhhahahahahahah

Sandy brown says:

Nail polish color?

Mimi Mcbean says:

Almost 500k views now. You’re doing so well keep uploading!

Chelsea Somba says:

I can’t I’m dying

marilyn2007hendrix says:

OK LOL So those shoes are really awful lol jokes aside just being REAL WID CHA i have to wear them sometimes 🙁 i’m 5 ft 10 and real insecure lol If i wore big heels i would feel like everyone was judging me and i would feel real uncomfortable 🙁 If i had the privilege of being short or average height i would too wear only 3-6 inch heels for all types of occasions all of the time! I was a little insecure after watching this lol and am now afraid to wear them hahaha CHEERS Rhea lol
Rhea you are so very talented hun, don’t change and always stay you aka real AF cause your humour/comedy style is on fire gurl. I think you should do stand-up comedy or go into acting, you have a lot of charisma, energy, confidence and wit. I love that you see through the bullshit and fakeness of modern day society and your bullshit detector is fully operating. You question our current state of mediocrity aka Instagram fakery lol had me crying btw so thank you for being a great observer of the madness we endure everyday on this planet! I find it hard to laugh out loud, belly pains and tears running out my eyes etc but most of your videos have made me have this type of reaction and the only other times i have had that type of reaction to comedy was watching Eddie Murphy, Tiffany Haddish, Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor!!! If you did a comedy night somewhere i would definitely want to by tickets to see you hun you’re so gifted and a complete natural.
Have you ever heard of the late great bill hicks and watched any of his rant style comedy? If not he was and is an american icon of comedy and i think you would like him. He talked about selling out, fake people, society and the system and how messed up the world was. Have you ever watched a Channel 4 comedy sketch show with 3 women from back in the day called – 4 non Blondes? If not please check that show out of YouTube, reminds me of your type of humour, think you would like em 😉

Stay absolutely blessed Rhea. LOVE YA GURL!

Joa Kashama says:

I love you rhea

Phoebe O says:

What’s the intro song called?

Faye Pearson says:

you’re fucking hilarious i love you

Charlotte Henderson says:

Tammy girl!!! Lord

Sophie Lawrie says:

ME !!!!!!!

Pepper Tash Jarrett says:

LOL. Kitten heels have been finished from creation. Tammy was sick! like them throwback, one away shops like Mark One.

Jennifer Richards says:

Omg whats your view on tv license??

Joa Kashama says:

You should do a video with your mum

bkgangstashawtii says:

Ain’t nothing wrong with ballet flats!

The88lightangel says:

Wont be long, you will have TV Companies approach you and offer either comedy shows or Programme presenter! I am sure, if not now, will be sometime in the future – as you are so naturally funny with your own style, and you brighten so many people’s day, GREAT!!!!

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