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SJP – http://rstyle.me/~9GcUv
HANGISI – http://rstyle.me/n/ch3sievj2e
NADIRA – http://rstyle.me/n/ch3sjvvj2e
SENECA – http://rstyle.me/n/ch3smrvj2e

JUMPER – http://rstyle.me/~9EpHe
LIPSTICK “Blush in a RUSH” – http://www.boots.com/loreal-paris-color-riche-matte-additction-lipstick-50ml-10227037



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Milton Keynes
MK10 1DX

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Crystal Chang says:

for some reasons. all of her links just lead me to Google homepage instead of the actual site!

Princess Julia says:

Love the shoes. But can you tell me what kind of dresses you can wear the pink ones with. As you only show them with jeans. I bought the pink ones and love them so so much. Thank you

Jigyasa-ing says:

I just wanted to say, to all the haters and people saying things about affording etc.

1) When you see the same shoes on a red carpet worn by celebrity or in a magazine , it’s totally acceptable. If you look at it, Yotubers are celebrities as well difference being they choose to share the journey and take you along.

2) Even if she doesn’t do a 8 hour job, she’s a brand in herself, same goes for every youtuber/ celebrity. Which means she has to live, sleep and work in her own image and brand (which is a lot more work than you can imagine). You could take off your work uniform and slouch on the sofa at work and she’d still be looking gorgeous filming a night routine for you.

And don’t even get me started on how much time it takes to film, travel to shoots and edit.

That’s all.

Denise Foltz says:

What heel height are the Hangisi?!

Matilda Martin says:

You have very good taste

Diana says:

Hi, I want to know what size you got for the manolo blanik cuz I think we are the same in shoe size, and I am trying to get a pair online>_<

Richele Pennock says:

Those pink Manolo Blahnik are absolutely stunning – simply stated pieces of art for our feet – love them!!!! Not into the muted colors so much so my second favorites are the red – they are Divine!!! video!!!

R Harris says:

Hi Lydia, I love the pink MBs too!

pagli larki says:

The red ones are fantaaaastic love love love

neshanta1 says:

beautiful shoes!!!

Angy Ferro says:

Much cheaper but still around 500, at that price i consider they should be well made. BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE your red MB.

alexandra mindel says:

you are absolutely right you should explain yourself!
the shoes are stunning every single one of them!

Jennifer Klimas says:

Loved them all. Favorite was the last pair. What about a video about favorite perfumes and what you wear during different times of the year? Love each of your videos!!

Jeanette Negron says:

What other designer shoes do you own?
The pink ones are my fave and they look comfortable~

Mehreen Hussain says:

what would you recommend as my first purchase of designer shoes, valentino rockstuds, gucci loafer pumps or manolo blahniks, please help?

Carrie Ward says:

I love the hangisi style you bought, I’ve got my eye in the noturro gold colour at the moment. 🙂 Also I really enjoy your videos because you make me laugh. Cx

Nida Lighthouse says:

I wish I could wear heals. I’m on my toes all day with two kids it has been 4 years since I wore it!:))

Andrew D says:

if you like these style of shoes try Roger Vivier

Madleen Schick says:

You should be a part of sex and the city ! Your style and the red ones. Omg Lydia!! It is just perfect! I love your lipstick color <3

WENDY pittilla says:

Love your videos, …you can buy the crystals on line to replace the damaged pair…easy to do…check out my instagram..Wendy Pittilla.Art Angel..i’m an artist n do a painting called walk a mile in my choo’s..they’re covered in crystals…sure you’ll love them.x

elena matei says:

omg, you are so beautiful!!!!

Asmaá Lindsey says:

What size heel did you go for in the blush pink?

Kailey Lopez says:

omg!!!! laaavvvvv those SJP shoes!!!!!!

Julie Muniz says:

The second pair, OMG, I’m in love with these rose shoes.

alexandria nguyen says:

good video. Nice. Checkout our videos: Australian parakeets**********celestial beings. Also : UTC-La Jolla Village Drive & UTC-La Jolla Crossroads Apartments -Jewish Synagogue. Enjoy

Wes Abey says:

i would love to be your shoe licking man rug

littlemissdrizzle says:

hi, your review is really helpful.
would you tell me what color exactly are they called, the pink manolo hangisi one? been searching for that kind of color. thankyou

Embellish Life says:

Just love them all!! Dream Shoes 🙂 So much fun!! Hugs, Heidi xoxo

Farah Al-Jalili says:

can you put the sizes you buy on the description too?

Claudia Osorio says:

I love SJP! It all started with the Tartts and now I’m hooked! And of course I love my Manolos they are also amazing. I love the SJP’s to be more fun sparkling and colorful and like to stay neutral on the Manolos. I loved all the ones you have though ❤️

KawaiixLife says:

lydia kinda look like hannah stocking

Josefina CF says:

Would you ever sell the handbags, clothes or shoes that you are not using any more?

Meegan Makes says:

Pink strappy shoes are definitely my favorite. I think I need some.

Stacy Hurd says:

I love them all! That red pair are amazing! Xoxo Stacy

Aurelie Gyss says:

Not hating,but i dont get it How people Can Wear jean and heels ,it just doesn’t fit !

stephanieariss says:

Hey Lydia, In the pale pink pair what heel height are these? as i noticed they come in a few

enneQ says:

For the hangisi pair.. is that 70mm heel? Do you know the name of the colour?

Nadia Abu Hasna says:

hey lydia.. what color is th first pair of pink manolos.. blush or rose? i need the exact same pair so wts it called exctly.. thnk uuuui

Elison Phang says:

Hi Lydia! I’ve watched this video THREE TIMES now and have committed myself to purchase a pair of Hangisi last weekend online. I’m now hoping that I’ve bought the right size and, if I have, I’m gonna post it up on Instagram with a little shoutout to you because your video practically made me say “YES!” to these shoes 😀

kalli971 says:

manolo is a killer

Nadheerah Idris says:

Hey Lydia! I went to the Manolo Blahnik boutique in Harrods and i tried on the Nadiras and Hangisis, i was wondering if u found yourself buying both pairs in different sizes? cos i wear the Hangisi comfortably in size 37/1/2 whilst the Nadiras in 38/1/2, was it the case for you?

Stevie's Girl says:

loved the pink

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