Unboxing/Review of Danae from ShoeDazzle – 6.5 inches

When I purchased this particular shoe for Lauryn for our first of many in the How to walk in Heels series, my husband said, “Why did you not purchase a pair for yourself, these are absolutely stunning!”. I went back to shoedazzle and wanted to show you my unboxing!

Name of Shoe: Danae
Heel Height: 6.5 inches
Platform: 2 inches
Inside Heel Height: 5.25 inches

To shop for this shoe and more like it Click here!


This site has all types of shoes so go ahead and spoil yourself or your significant other! 🙂

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roberto gemignani says:

Michelle beautiful shoes with heels fantasy…

eruceht78 says:

Those are so cute! I can’t wait for my order from shoedazzle to come. Love the video and informative. I can’t wait for more reviews.

CynicalCynDie says:

loove the colors and the lace not sure about the strap tho.

C. Robert Hammond d Bonesan says:

You look good in those Sexy Pumps.

sagh38 says:

Are you a very beautiful and sensual woman, would you be able to dance in hose high heels with your boyfriend, on top of a man?

Kyla Mckenzie says:

my bf loves your channel and i think you’re beautiful!

rod myster says:

Sexy heels Michelle

scythermantis says:

Those look awesome on you! They’re just perfect for smashing some bugs… 😉

Abe Lincoln says:

Wow!!! They look so amazing on you !!!! Can you please do a video in them walking outdoors please? Probably in a short dress or a short skirt. I’m sure such attire suits you the best:)

Edward Stephens says:

they are so awesome and sexy

david p says:

oh my you are beautiful woman with a sexy body . In a up coming videos i’m sure i’m not alone in this thought but we would love to see your sex gams so a little black dress . can’t wait your fan and leg fan

Steve Thedigger says:

OMG!!!!  Your husband is a very lucky guy!!!!!!  I would love to see you and him out in public.  Of course you would have to wear these gorgeous heels and maybe a short black mini skirt!

Kilgore Trout says:

You wear erotic heels. My kind of woman!

Edward Stephens says:

amazing heels

Charles Glassmeyer IV says:

hi Michelle
I absolutely love the shoes. they look amazing on you. your very pretty as well.

Go Bowling says:

what size r u in shoes

roberto gemignani says:

Michelle aspect of your video with these fantastic heels scramble as always …

bitblt says:

Such a beautiful shoe. I wish it was available in 13…

tina heels says:

those look great on you

Taylor Ward says:

Background music is a bit too loud.

neos Papoutsia says:

7 inch heels? Your heels are not high enough

Abee 101 says:

I hate how u opened this……OMG

SDS says:

6.5 inches taller and about 3 taller than me :)))) I’m a shorty michelle and you’re my new “tallie” icon 🙂

Erick Ramirez says:

Mi tía tiene barrio que la respalda aunque sea una modelo así que no se pasen de la lanza camara fiu fiu

butt slut71 says:

lookin. lovely hun

tar1311 says:

those are really hot heels huni!!! loving them!!! 😀

Graham Wormald says:

Would you go down symphonic sculpture tower in Hakone Japan stairs with them high heels on or Glasgow lighthouse in Glasgow Scotland or Sandal Castle in Wakefield

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