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Sharing with y’all my faves from the Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk collection, because let’s face it, even the most beautiful shoes aren’t necessarily the most comfortable! Now, you can gain with less pain! 😉 I hope you LIKE it, friends!

(1) Sarah K
(2) LolitaVmiamor
(3) ashuhl3e
(4) Tamara Godwin
(5) liseg89
All winners were selected via!
OMG all of your comments made me so emotional! TT____TT

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Dr. Scholl’s was so generous to give 5 of my subbies my TOP 2 picks from the DreamWalk Collection!
5 LUCKY WINNERS will win:
— 16 Hour Insoles
— High Heel Insoles

The RULES are super simple:
— must be subscribed to my YouTube channel
— must LIKE this video
— must be at least 18 years of age, if under 18, have the permission of your parent/guardian to enter the contest
— must be living in the U.S.
— share with me in the comments below an act of kindness you’ve done for someone or an act of kindness someone has done for you.
— for extra entries, comment your favorite Holiday songs and/or movies! (But these extra entries won’t count unless you answered the statement above)
— giveaway will end 12/27 @ 11:59pm PST

BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE! I hope you all have a Blessed Christmas and lovely Holidays with your loved ones! I love you all! xoxo


(All from Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk)
16 Hour Insoles
Fresh & Cool Insoles
High Heel Insoles
Heel Liners
Ball of Foot Cushions



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Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
Music: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod
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FTC: The products mentioned in this video were sponsored by Dr. Scholl’s for product consideration, collaboration and review. Regardless, I was not paid to produce this video. All my thoughts in this review are 100% honest and based on experience. The links above are affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer on for more details.


Knicole X says:

Thanks for the review

Tanishia Mccoggle says:

thanks alot for sharing i really need those first one because i stand all day- and sometimes not that long but my foot still hurts like really bad and this was really helpful girl thanks!!

Cal Rod says:

How gross and unprofessional her chewing making noise.

Tamara Godwin says:

The RAK was last year while out Christmas shopping I stopped to grab my kids a bite to eat in a drive thru & the young lady ahead of me had already paid for our meals. Needless to say I cried!! My favorite Christmas movie & song is White Christmas.

Michael Jhonson says:

this is a helpful video, just hate when you guys on you tube are eating or drinking and chewing on videos,….it’s gross.

chempanda says:

walking around the mall with ankle booties that has 3 inch heels did feel uncomfortable especially the ball of the foot(the shoe isn’t tight at all and the front has enough toe room). never felt so much pressure in the front area under the foot

pinkdiamond says:

Where did you buy that boba drink?

purplenailbandit says:

An act of kindness my friend did for me was giving me a huge box of her homemade Christmas cookies! My favorite Christmas movie is definitely Elf!

Tanishia Mccoggle says:

and im aware that if i dont get these and i continue working without them im gonna have problems in the futre and i really dont want or need that

Joanna Lazcano says:

i have these closed sneaker looking wedges and my foot slides on the front bottom balls of my feet that it starts to scort feeling like im about to get blisters, which of these could help with the arch and balls of my feet rubbing on on the shoe?

Kiana Abryanna says:

Are these good

AvE EvA says:

Will the 16 hour insole work in high heeled boots?

_PDX_beautyxoxo says:

An act of kindness that I’ve done would be simple things like holding the door for people, letting people go ahead of me in line if they have few things and even just volunteering in my community

Maria Christine says:

The act of kindness was when I donated a present to the wishing tree for a girl! It makes me happy to make someone’s wish come true and mostly it makes me feel happy and better! && my favorite Xmas movie is ELF 🙂

Teaira Johnson says:

i remember recently i got a flat tire on the highway and immediately when i pulled over there was a guy at the gas station who saw me in need of help he changed my tire for me and everything ..i mean a complete stranger who took the time out to do that was just amazing,   

Tiffiny Dawn California says:

Hi I’m just curious about the dreamwalk 16 hours. Did you take the original soles out and then insert the Dr. Scholl’s?

beautywithv says:

Thank You sooo much! Sorry for the late response!

aloe vera says:

I missed you.  Hope you passed your exam as I did mine. 

beautywithv says:

Someone came to the side of the road and helped me get out of the snow cause my car got stuck in a huge pile of snow after I skidded of the road.

liseg89 says:

A group of ladies and girls at my church started spreading some nasty rumors about me over the past year. I was insanely hurt about it because I really didn’t expect it, but I decided that I wasn’t gonna return more hate for hate.. I secretly found out all of their birthdays and I’ve been buying them each gifts for their birthdays. Jewelry products and accessories, y’know, girly stuff. No one really acknowledged it all but it’s okay. I quickly got over that too. I don’t know what they’re going through that makes thm hate me so much to make up things about me, but knowing that I’ve never had anything against them, made it easy to get them those gifts.

こぼまい says:

One time this pregnant girl was asking for money for lunch at gas station. I didnt have cash on me so I walked he to McDonald’s next door and bought her lunch. My fav Xmas movie is Christmas Story.
Xoxo Chewie and Mai. ( trying to figure out how to change my user name so it will be in English….)

Sarah K says:

The act of kindness that someone has done from my sisters. They helped pay for my college tuition which obviously has helped a ton. Even though they could have let me taken care of it by myself, but they did not want the tuition to burden me so they helped out. Plus my favorite holiday song is Ariana grande- santa tell me (labbb it)

Daniele Da Silva says:

An act of kindness I always try to do is help the elderly. Whether is opening the doors for them, or helping them with groceries. Also my favorite holiday song is Holy Night (the Mariah Carey version). 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

xoxjelloxox says:

Wrote my coworker a Christmas card

ashuhl3e says:

I’ve been curious about these products but haven’t heard anything as detailed as this review.

Well, a couple months ago, I experienced a few weeks of vertigo and the symptoms were partly alleviated by drinking water; so, I carried some at all times. One day I came across a homeless man with no shoes on the train. People seated near him were moving away from him and frowning upon him as if poverty was contagious. He only had the clothes on his back with him, and he must’ve felt so terrible with the way people looked at him. I didn’t have much of anything to offer him, so I stood up and gave him my water. He looked so happy just to receive water and perhaps acknowledgement – things many take for granted. It definitely opened my eyes in many ways.

As far as my favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story” is my all time favorite. I’ve watched it with my brothers as a child so many times that we bust out movie lines at random times, lol.

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