My Louboutin Thoughts (Review)


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I wear a US 5 – 5.5 in heels. In EURO I range from 34 – 35.
You can purchase the “Foot Petals” from your local Target or on the Foot Petals website.

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to0PRETTY says:

GIRRLLLL!!! lol when I heard this review I remembered Ashley! Do an update with her 🙂

Joshua Coburn says:

Gurl, you funny af. Love your videos!

Carole Stockman says:

Where did you get those earrings from?

Meshia F says:

I have 2 pair and I wear them to dinner.I made the mistake of wearing them to the club.Oh my my!!! Huge Mistake

Ambitious Kandy says:

@uluvmegz Make tutorial on this look plz

Tiauana Staples says:

Size 41 Black
As a working mother and professional,m, I will say it’s quite daunting to work a 55 HR week in retail, be completely absent on thanksgiving to the point where your 18 month old does not get to see you, just to get a paycheck and realize it’s just enough to pay the bills. With a bachelors degree, and soon to be masters degree, it would make sense to have such a nice pair of shoes. However, looking at all my hard work, I still could never afford them. I recently had a miscarriage and the world came crashing down on me. I wasn’t feeling beautiful enough, and I wasn’t feeling like a woman. I’d go to my closet and pull out a pair of pumps, an still, couldn’t find that spunk I thought it would give me. I decided to stop throwing a pity party and get out there and do what makes me happy. For both me and my daughter. In 2016, I am beginning a new job search: something more corporate and allows me to spend more time with my baby girl ( sometimes I feel like I’m missing her grow up). I’d love to step into those interviews, with my So Kate’s on, and feel beautiful, and OWN it! I’m getting emotional and excited about it right now! I have been long overdue for some pampering. And as crazy as it sounds, the arch in your foot that and the stride in your step that those So Kate’s provide, is just the confidence I need to get me back! It would be such a blessing!!!

Fateema Nelson says:

Hey Megan! Thanks for the updated review, it was excellent. What is the name of the “brown girl nude” color. I looked on the CL, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and a few other but couldn’t find them. Love your videos

Glam You Girl says:

Your aura is so southern to me. Welcoming and s sweetheart. I love how your comment back to followers. A lot of you tubers don’t do that much

Danielle says:

I get buying the shoe but what makes me mad, is you buy it for the red bottom but it scratches like cheap shoes. Really? You’d think they’d use a different coating.

feliceluvzya1 says:

Very nice thorough review, however when you really think about it, you are making greedy designers rich while they are selling you a product that will hurt your feet, and you can’t wear them unless you know you will be where you can immediately sit down. Yes they are pretty but the only reason anyone would buy them is because of what it is or says about having expensive name brand shoes.

brainsblackbeautiful says:

Thanks for the tip about the shoe stretching… I like nude for w.o.c. and want a pair.

Pearlin PH says:

Love your voice 🙂 . really. reminds me on the voice of Wanda Sykes,…and I love her too.. 😉

loveofpurse says:

Great video. I just got my first so Kate’s and I I don’t know how to walk in them. The sales person told me go a half a size down but they are killing me. I’m hoping they stretch out soon. Do u know how many times I have to wear them to stretch out. Thanks gorgeous

AppleAmor says:

Meg u can get the soles repainted at Nemian Marcus. They can also put a red rubber sole on. U can’t see it on from the side but it makes them so sturdy. (They are sent away for this of course)

DncnLdy says:

my friend has the Cornielle and on her heel the red near the heel tap it looks wrinkled. Like the shoe couldnt withstand her body weight and she’s average sized at about 5’5″… have you walked a lot on them and noticed or heard anything like that?

Mz Honey says:

i need these shoes cant wait to order mine =)

BeautyByCrisha says:

Your so pretty:),I love your voice.

Erica says:

Hey Hun do you know much about the jilopa patent?? In terms of comfortability, I have a wedding in LA in April and as I’m from London I don’t want to be in pain on the other side of the world! X

James Donald says:

4.7 inches; hot chick is 5.1. Could you review them? Thanks.

Art Of Sole Shoe Repair says:

great video keep it up

kream Ashford says:

they are a nice treat when you. want to treat yourself got my first pair this year
very uncomfortable gel pads

smart13515 says:

Can you do this make up look, very pretty!!!

Britney Spears says:

Super sexy. I love everypair

crdbl k says:

hey megz!!love the shoes <3 what protector exactly do you put on the bottom of your patent shoes?

Pr3tty 3xposed says:

Can not find the so Kate in the brown tone. Do you know if anyone is still selling this item?

Phaedra Belton says:

Thanks for the review. this giveaway is such a wonderful opportunity. My year will be made if i win.

Ebony Painter says:

How long did it take for you to break them in?

Shontae Kynard says:

so kate comes in 100mm also

Christian Mosi says:

They have the protectors to protect the red from getting worn off .

Meicka J says:

I am planning to buy a pair !

Tmoni 78 says:

also you can buy them on consignment on less than 675.00

A Johnson says:

I think his heels are too high.

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