Like High Heels? Yes I confess (How Cheap Can We Live in USA 5)

Is USA an expensive country ? yes if you want to, but it can also be very cheap, or extremely cheap, cheaper than some third world countries. This video shows how you can get almost new shoes at Savers shift store, Thank Ms Mercedes for her co-operation !


Robmar says:

Never been inside Savers, until now. Looks similar to ‘Ross dress for Less’.

elmosmidlap says:

Daniel, your gonna have a few guy”s beating their meat/spanking their monkey after watching you filming Mercedes trying on shoes.
Not me though….the shoes don’t do it for me…BUT! you head on over to the bra and panties section then you got me.

jolson decarlos says:

Hello, Daniel Violin. I follow your videos so much. I am a guy who loves Chiang Mai so much.Or Thailand as all. I like your videos from Asia more them others. Big shot out to Mercedes. I love you both. One love from Hollands.

Eddie Imperial says:

Where’s the violin music for shoe presentation. I was waiting to hear a 2001 Space Odyssey.

Rob Crow says:

LOL….good job Daniel 😉

Qiu S says:

How did you get a woman to be with you without her dumping you after you bring her shopping at cheap stores?

dajemu infin says:

People in the USA makes friends easy. They don’t try to take advantage. And no one time but many times, I asked people to use their own phone and make a phone call. I never had problems for that. Also, I gave ride in two occasions to extrangers, Inside the city. So far no problems. It’s OK.

Zahed Golden says:

Hi Daniel
This vlog is a little bit boring .

99corncob says:

Daniel’s obsession with women’s shoes is well-documented in his earlier videos.

elmosmidlap says:

As i watch your Las Vegas vids, one conclusion is .We are a FAT ASS nation

Malcolm Soh says:

flats vs heels lol

Sam 1234 says:

I love your channel and Mercedes she is great ………Keep Vegas videos coming Daniel I love them!

Nomu J says:

Mercedes tries on boots. “Now I need a horse”
Daniel: “I`ll be your horse”

Hermes Trismegistus says:

16:08 The book cost $3.49, I think you misunderstood.

JT and Pin says:

10% senior discount on Tuesday at Ross.

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