KILLSTAR CEMETERY LANE HEELS || Shoe Unboxing & Review – ReeRee Phillips

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“Tremsz” By Gunnar Olsen



Killstar Cemetery Lane Heels. Currently on sale on Killstars website for much cheaper than I bought them…


*** This video is NOT sponsored. All views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.


Luxifiera says:

Those are pretty but yup no way haha. I bust my ass on shorter heels LOL and totally agree with you on the toe box cushion, we needs it. That shit hurts so bad haha. My favorite killstar have been the unholy hi tops in velvet, the banshee which I wore the everloving heck out of and then the winona boots. In that order. I basically wear the hi tops daily. So comfy!!

Colabuss says:

“Killstar Cemetery Lane Heels. Currently on sale on Killstars website for much cheaper than I bought them…” goddamit, I know that pain :))

Karsten Von Fjellheim says:

Those are some damn sexy shoes, guaranteed to get laid wearing those

Dame Sinclair says:

Great! I have been waiting for this video 😀 i think those shoes are amazing, and i already expected them to be unconfortable, so i am not disappointed about that (:
I only own two pairs of killstar shoes, those being the burial platforms (very confortable and cool, in my opinion) and the wicca flats (great for summer styled with long vaporous dresses) the last ones remind me of some models of goth pikes shoes, which i unfortunately don’t yet own.

Le grimoire d'Angellore says:

They are very beautiful but I could never walk with them. I have three pairs of Killstar shoes : Not Phased combat boots (my favorite for walking), Wicca flat and Winona Western boots (whose heel is very uncomfortable to me, I only wear them when I know I won’t have to stay up). I also ordered once the Dark Moon slides but the insole was so incredibly hard that I returned them.
I love the fact that all of their shoes are vegan ♥
Also, I wish they would do more shoes with medium heel (like 3-5 cm) because they have only flats (or almost flats) or high heels, nothing in the middle, which is my favorite and the best size of heel for the feet.

SpoonG says:

Stiletto pumps are the most uncomfortable style of shoes ever, so it’s normal for them to rub and hurt, they’re supposed to do that, especially in patent pleather, which doesn’t break in. And these also have a tiny platform on the point, so they’re not too steep and you don’t feel all the bumps and things on the ground. I cannot fathom how women of previous generations were able to wear things like that all day every day (my mom had a huge collection of platformless pumps in the 80s and 90s, and she wore them to work and going out, being also a heavier woman). I tried with pumps many times, but they’re not for me; I used to do ballet and pointe shoes are more comfortable. They are very beautiful, though, and you look gorgeous. Maybe try and wear them with padding on the toe.

X.Horror Queen.X says:

Those are so beautiful as well as your makeup!! Can you do a makeup tutorial on this look?

Litafaerie says:

These looks similar to the Bat Royalty shoe collection Iron fist came out with years ago. I love the bat wings! But when I saw them I knew those were minimal walking more sitting down shoes.

Bliss Dzubella says:

I wonder if some moleskin on the parts that rub on your skin and a foot cushion from the drugstore would make them more comfortable.

Chris Macolley says:

Very cool looking heels love the style and design of them, awesome review and if I could id buy them just for how cool looking they are

Crimson Sin says:

They really are very sexy. I could do with chucking out a few pairs of old worn out heels that are pretty much done and ready for the bin but I’m clinging onto them cause I’ve so many memories in those heels … 🙁 I could get these to make me feel better hahaha

Lilith Hollow says:

what lip color are you wearing here? Also I love your new shoes and your eye makeup!

Sheila AM SheiShei says:

Omg and devil jajajaa! Love it. So cute. Love you from Spain. Kiss queen!

meghan stein says:

Very fun shoe, love your tattoos on your feet are very cool.u could get inserts for heels

HonestHappiness says:

This has been extremely helpful I was in the fence about getting them, now I’m definitely go to go purchase them, thank you so much, much love from California

Alex Blake says:

Great video! I just bought the electra cut-out heels!

Pagan Witch of the Dark Woods says:

This is why I love your review video’s. You discuss absolutely everything. I’ve had times, when I would particularly watch one of your video’s just to get a real idea of what I’m getting myself into. Most reviews I come across don’t even talk about half the things you talk about. Please keep up the amazing work! I love you and you look gorgeous as always! ❤❤❤

Arina Daze says:

This lipstick color is wonderful <3

Nori Jan says:

Love the editing!

Rosa P. says:

really love them sadly i cannot walk in heels for shit XD

7nochannel says:

Thanks you for the honest review. I would actually suggest sizing a size up on any high gloss shoe, especially for ballerinas and pumps. The layering of gloss makes the shoe material much stiffer which makes the sizing go down, also, it will eventually become more flexible with wearings so be aware of that.

stachelbeere91 says:

dein makeup ist so toll!!! hast du dafür ein tutorial?

Amelia Selene says:

If you go online or to a pharmacy they usually sell insoles particularly for the toe area, which may help. Not sure how to adjust the straps rubbing maybe bandaids or use a thick double sided tape. My feet are sensitive so I use different things when wearing heels to make my feet feel a bit comfortable.

northerlyartemis says:

My favourite Killstar shoes are my broom rider boots-I’m seriously considering buying the velvet version as well! Are you still going to do a review on the Rogue + Wolf Stardust boots? I really want them but they are so expensive so I need to know if they are worth the money. Love you and your channel, you are an icon of mine!

Melody Marinsky says:

Next Thursday of US year I have a Christmas Concert. I play clarinet in the band.

megalopolis2015 says:

Those are really fun. The bat wings and ankle strap set them apart from other stilettos.
At the risk of having tomatoes thrown at me, I do not as of yet own any Killstar products. I am more of a thrift store gal. Most of my high heels are in the three to four inch range, with a one inch or less platform. Most of the ones I’ve been gifted are five to six inches high, with a one to two inch platform. I usually wear my combat boot style shoes, or my “nun” shoes. :0)
Thanks for the review.

rili84 says:

Not sure if u know this or if its added with these. But the pumps I bought with little pentagram on it. Had spare heels in de box. In a mini ziplock bag glued on the inside of the lid of the box. They look like 2 screws with 2 black little blocks on them. Very useful and definitely deserves a thumbs up. Not many stores have that. Thumbs up if she needs to see this ! I love ur videos!

Chardonnay Lauderdale says:

Your make up is so very gorgeous beautiful and your shoes is so very cool

pastel rave says:

I love those shoes

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